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Austria’s largest gaming fair is bringing out the controllers after a long break. GTA 6 is not available for testing, but a Vienna version of the game would be tough.

It was somehow paradoxical: the gaming industry experienced a real upswing during the Corona pandemic. At the same time, the longed-for meetings of the gaming community did not take place due to the anti-Covid measures. This also applied to the Game City in Vienna. After a three-year absence, Austria’s largest video game trade fair is now returning to the Vienna City Hall from October 13th to 15th.

According to the motto “Just play”, exhibitors such as Nintendo, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. will attract younger and older video game enthusiasts to the controllers to try out the most exciting new products. In addition to the not yet published title “Super Mario Bros Wonder”, the new “Assassin’s Creed Mirage” is also waiting for visitors.

Grand Theft Auto short GTA Vienna from above Vienna skyline mountains in the background
A Viennese version of GTA would not be for the faint of heart. © Volker Preußer/Jakub Porzycki/Imago

Gamers shouldn’t hope for a taste of another classic at Game City. The third-person shooter GTA 6 is still in development. But to sweeten your wait for the successor to the best-selling GTA 5, we imagined what the video game would look like if the new part were set in Vienna.

1. Instead of stealing flashy luxury cars, in the Vienna version of GTA it is necessary to steal horse-drawn carriages and maneuver through the tourist crowds.

2. If you are caught on a scooter or bicycle at Stephansplatz, you will be given the highest wanted level and the police will search for you with helicopters and special forces.

3. The wanted level is not shown in stars, but in Wiener Schnitzels.

4. In the Vienna GTA you earn your first money as a promoter on Mariahilfer Straße and later as a salesman dressed as Mozart, selling overpriced opera tickets to unknowing newcomers.

5. The easiest way to gain fame and fame in the Vienna version of the video game is to join a political organization and work your way to the top through corruption and cronyism.

6. There are quick travel destinations for the locations Ibiza and Ischgl. However, when you return to Vienna, your wanted level increases to five Wiener Schnitzel.

7. There are drug cartels in GTA Vienna too. But the business with homemade dumplings, which you can arrange to be produced at illegal locations, is more lucrative. But you have to assert yourself in a market flooded with Kasnudeln from Carinthia.

8. The following four difficulty levels are available to you in ascending order: “Millionaire heir from the first”, “Native Floridsdorfer”, “Traveler Tyrolean” and the level “Pifke”, which is only recommended for absolute sweaters. .

9. You don’t replenish your health with snack bars. Instead, you go to one of the numerous sausage stands in the game, where you can buy classic Viennese delicacies in stock. If you’re on a tight budget, head to a McDonald’s branch for the cheapest hot pick-me-up.

10. You can prepare robberies and other illegal activities in style in Viennese coffee houses. But beware of the grumpy NPC staff who can do enormous damage to your health through verbal attacks.

11. If you are successful in GTA Vienna and have a lot of dough, you can buy up the city’s real estate and turn Schönbrunn Palace into a casino or convert Ballhausplatz into your gang quarters.

Vienna wouldn’t be a bad setting for a video game. And Austria in general would be ideal for filming series and films. This applies not only to the US cult series The Office, based in St. Pölten, but also to an Austrian version of Star Wars including ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz as the dark Sith Lord.

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