11 tools that predict your future life: THE TOOL ODYSSEY with SPACE10 Latest

How will we (or all living things) live in the 2050s? It also means imagining what kind of tools should be implemented in daily life.

Therefore, in the magazine “WIRED” Japanese edition VOL.50 “Next Mid-Century: Toward a pluralistic future in 2050”, we knocked on the door of SPACE10 (knock knock). It is an open design lab with the tagline of creating a better daily life for people and the planet. Although the end of its operation was announced in September of this year, the diverse, imaginative, and somehow humane projects that they thought, researched, and created still continue to provide us with various suggestions. He will give it to you.

In this article, we will introduce tools from SPACE10’s past projects that should (or should be) implemented in our lives in the 2050s. In making the selection, four themes were raised, led by Ryan Sherman, who was responsible for the concept of SPACE10. First, the guidelines are listed below.


Due to climate change and socio-economic factors, by 2050 more people will be transitioning to nomadic lifestyles and creating communities in temporary sojourn settings. How can Next Midcentury products and services respond to these changes?

Go to Projects: Spaces on Wheels / Plant Pods / Couch in an Envelope


The global industrial production model continues to put a strain on the planet, with some estimates predicting that by 2050 we will be using twice as many resources as we are today. At the same time, technological advances are also paving the way for more locally-based production and sustainable material sourcing models.

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Go to Projects: Products of Place / The Growroom


Housing accounts for 17-21% of global carbon emissions. Our “homes” cannot continue to place a burden on the earth and nature. How is it possible to create a house that provides something more than it consumes and creates a cycle? A completely new way of thinking is required.

Go to Projects: Bee Home / The Biofilter Lab / SolarVille


The integration of home and online life is progressing. In order to renew our relationship with the earth, the functions we seek from our homes will also change. Even in the private space of home, there are things we can do for the next generation. The “interface” created by technology and design will become that “bay window.”

Go to Projects: Updatables / Digital Buddy / Carbon Banks

Below are 11 projects selected based on these four themes.


SPACE10 + f°am Studio. Photographs by f°am Studio