4 Incredible Details of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5 That Will Astound You

There are only 3 days left until the second installment of Spider-Man arrive in a way exclusive to PS5and some media have had the opportunity to test the game to prepare the analysis and tell how the second part of the spider man is. Well, it seems that Insomniac Games’ latest work has set the bar so high that it will be difficult to surpass it in the near future. And you only have to see some details to see that we are facing a great game that must be enjoyed.

The speed of PS5 in all its splendor

Spider-Man 2

As in previous installments, Peter Parker will move like a fish in water across the Manhattan skyline, jumping between buildings and swinging at full speed between streets. The map is so extensive that, if you don’t want to wander from one end of the city to another, you can use fast travel mode to get around, but the surprising thing here is that the trip is so fast, that everything flows almost instantly.

This is achieved thanks to the PS5 SSD unit which, with its extreme speed, is capable of loading the other part of the map in a matter of milliseconds, something that greatly improves the gaming experience.

A reflection of what is to come

Spider-Man 2

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On a technical level, the work of Insomniac Games is brilliant. The analyzes are revealing incredible potential in terms of details and technology used, and if there is something that is giving something to talk about, it is the ray tracing treatment, which looks incredibly good when we climb glass buildings. It is important to mention that this Ray Tracing is present while the game runs at 60 FPSwhich is impressive.

Beware of bosses

Faithful to the company’s style, the game will delight us with animated scenes in real time with quick times events that will leave us with our mouths open, but there is one that is being shown that is especially striking. In it we can see the battle we will have against Sandman, who will take the form of a sand colossus between buildings and who will make things difficult for us.

A spectacular leap from Spider-Man

The general conclusion is that this second part of Spider-Man is tremendously superior to its predecessor on a technical level. Many details have been included that make the city streets have more life than everwith much more traffic and pedestrian density, including physics to the vehicles and decorating everything with dynamic lighting, ray tracing and increasing the drawing distance. Crazy.

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But of course, bugs also want their moment of glory

Like any great development, it seems that there is also room for bugs. We don’t know if any last-minute update will fix the detected errors, but it seems that Spider-Man 2 will not be free of them. At least they will help us have a few laughs.