6 Must-Know Gaming Handhelds: The Favorites

Gaming handhelds are on the rise and a number of new devices have been released since the Steam Deck. MeinMMO introduces you to the most famous and important gaming handhelds that you should know.

Gaming handhelds are now the alternative if you don’t want to play on a gaming PC or a console like the PS5 or Xbox.

MeinMMO introduces you to the most important and best gaming handhelds that you can currently buy. The following list is not a leaderboard, but rather the handhelds follow in random order.

Asus ROG Ally

6 Must-Know Gaming Handhelds: The Favorites

Release: 13. June 2023 | Hardware: AMD Phoenix, Zen 4 | Preis: 735 Euro | Operating system: Windows 11

Advantages: The ASUS ROG Ally offers a good, ergonomic feel and an attractive design. The 7-inch handheld also has a 120Hz display and plenty of power for modern games.

Thanks to Windows installed, you can install and theoretically play any game and any platform such as Steam, Epic and Co. on the device. In contrast to the Steam Deck, you also get a 1080p display.

Disadvantages: The battery life is very weak, the 120Hz display in particular puts a strain on the battery life. The ROG Ally’s user interface is also pretty half-baked and the installed Windows is not designed for a touchpad.

Steam Deck

Release: 25. February 2022 | Hardware: AMD Van Gogh, Zen 2 | Preis: 419 Euros (128 GB), 549 Euros (256 GB), 679 Euros (512 GB) | Operating system: Steam OS (Linux)

Advantages: Valve describes the Steam Deck as a full-fledged gaming PC wrapped in the shell of a handheld. In addition to PC features, the device also includes haptic feedback, a gyroscope and two touchpads.

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Most games run with good performance on the device. Hundreds of games from the Steam library work on the Steam Deck. On top of that, there is also great potential for emulators.

Disadvantages: The battery life is quite short and the device quickly gets very hot when playing demanding games. In addition, not all games on the Steam Deck run without problems. Some games require skill in configuration.

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OneXPlayer 2

OneXPlayer 2

Release: March 22, 2022 | Hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 6800U mit AMD Radeon 680M; Intel Core i7 der 13. Generation | Preis: from 1,110 euros | Operating system: Windows 11

Advantages: The OneXPlayer 2 offers good performance, a long battery life and removable controllers. This makes the handheld somewhat reminiscent of the Switch, where this is also possible. With its 8.4-inch display, the OneXPlayer 2 offers one of the largest displays in the handheld sector.

Disadvantages: The handheld’s software isn’t very good and there are few optimizations for handheld mode. The price is also very high compared to other handhelds. After all, we’re talking about 1,100 euros and more here.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch in Rot Super Mario Film Bundle

Release: 8. October 2021 | Hardware: Nvidia Tegra X1 | Preis: 319 Euro | Operating system: Nintendo-System

Advantages: The Nintendo Switch is a small handheld that can only use Nintendo games. The OLED version offers a number of improvements compared to the normal version: the eponymous OLED display, an improved stand and the docking station also offers an Ethernet port.

Disadvantages: In handheld mode, games only run at a resolution of 720p and on the television in full HD (1080p). The ergonomics of the Joy-Cons are aimed more at young gamers than adults. On top of that, some games only run with pretty weak performance on the Switch. Compared to other handhelds, the Switch’s performance is significantly weaker.

Aya Neo Air Plus

Release: April 2023 | Hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 6800U oder AMD Ryzen 7 7840U | Preis: from 549 euros | Operating system: Windows 11

Advantages: The Aya Neo Air Plus is a high-end device with a performance that is even sufficient for modern triple-A titles. In contrast to the Steam Deck, you get a complete Windows 11 system like you know from a desktop PC.

Disadvantages: However, the device also has a few disadvantages: the initial configuration is a bit complicated, the battery life is quite short and the overlay for Windows is anything but sophisticated. However, the Aya Neo Air Plus also shares the last problem with other Windows handhelds.

Analogue Pocket

Analogue Pocket

Release: December 2021 | Hardware: Altera Cyclone V | Preis: 319 Euro | Operating system: Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)

Advantages: The Analogue Pocket is a specialist. Because the small device was only designed to play Game Boy games directly from the original game cartridges.

The highlight of the device, however, is that it is not an emulator, but can play Gameboy games natively. However, it can not only play the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cards, but also games from the Sega Game Gear, Atari Lynx and Neo Geo.

If you still have a whole set of old games in your closet and want to experience them in a new light, then you should give the Analogue Pocket a chance.

Disadvantages: Games from the “Game Boy Advance” series are not displayed perfectly on the display. In addition, waiting times for orders to be delivered are very long. If you don’t necessarily have boxes of old games in your closet, the device is also of no interest to you.

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Logitech G Cloud

Logitech G Cloud Handheld steam deck amazon offer

Release: 22. May 2023 | Hardware: Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G | Preis: 359 Euro | Operating system: Android

Advantages: With the Logitech G Cloud you get a stylish and ergonomically comfortable gaming handheld that is particularly suitable for cloud gaming. With Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now, there are enough options that you can use on the G Cloud. The battery life is also long and the buttons have an excellent feel.

Disadvantages: The G Cloud is practically useless without internet. Therefore, the G Cloud is not suitable if you are on the go or if you have a poor internet connection at home. The version with a SIM card is only offered exclusively in North America.

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