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2D puzzle-solving adventure gameIn His TimeThe main character, Olly, is a bullied child. When he goes to school, he is interrupted from his test, and on his way home he is locked up. He always gets scolded by teachers who don’t know the situation.

When Ollie gets home, chores are waiting for him. He is a so-called young carer who takes care of his mother who lost her father and is ill. The happy-looking family next door is reflected brightly.

Ollie’s lonely days change when she meets Joseph, a watchmaker. Through his interactions with him, Olly learns that the bullies, his mother, and Joseph himself all have their own “circumstances.”

“In His Time,” which uses codes and puzzles to solve riddles and features shadow puppet-like visuals, is somewhat reminiscent of a picture book. Yet, the story that is told is like a personal novel.

“I also lost my father to illness, and it affected me greatly,” says Yona, the developer of “In His Time.” “Ollie’s experience has a lot of overlap with my own.”


Mystery solving = the act of knowing the other person

Another feature of “In His Time” is its allegorical nature.

The theme of the work is “love and forgiveness”. Yona says the inspiration came from the works of a certain 20th century children’s author.

“I like the author Patricia St. John. Her works depict innocent children confronting their sins and learning to love someone they previously found difficult to be with. .I wanted to create something like that myself.”

The influence of St. John’s work can also be seen in the game format that In His Time takes. “While reading St. John’s books, I felt love for the act of trying to get to know someone. In ‘In His Time’, I express the process of reaching someone’s heart in the form of a puzzle-solving adventure. ”

Many of the puzzles and codes in the game reflect the emotions of the characters at the time. The variety of expression is what makes this work so appealing.


convey the message.But I won’t force it

In addition, Christian elements appear at certain milestones in “In His Time,” such as Olly visiting a church and quoting Bible verses. That’s also because this work was born out of Yona’s experiences as a Christian.

On the other hand, the stronger the message one wants to convey, and the more it involves religious experiences that are unfamiliar to many Japanese people, the more difficult it becomes to convey that message.

“Of course, Yona’s common sense as a Christian cannot be understood by non-Christians.” So says “In His Time” publisher “In His Time”, who also supported the development.Kodansha Game Creators LabThis is Toshihiro Sato, the editor in charge of “. “I revised the wording and expressions many times.”

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