A fan predicted the date of the first GTA 6 trailer using astrology Latest

Do you like conspiracy theories? You will definitely like this one. A fan of the Grand Theft Auto series appearing on Reddit under the cringe-worthy moniker ApprehensiveTop8927 is said to have revealed the date when we will finally see the official presentation of the upcoming sixth installment of this billion-dollar brand. And it will be on Tuesday, the third of October. Source? Official developer promotional materials.

A fan predicted the date of the first GTA 6 trailer using astrology

Some players simply can’t wait for it to happen, spoiling the experience in advance by analyzing leaked screenshots.

No, there was no leak, Rockstar is said to be playing with their fans and provided them with this date in encrypted form themselves.

All the clues are hidden right in the new image that the game’s authors use to entice new content in the online part of the ten-year-old GTA V. The Festival of the Moon is another of the endless number of temporary events that the developers supply their huge community with, so that they don’t get bored with the game. The image promises that everyone who participates in the event will receive a virtual t-shirt for their character, which is not exactly something the community should be worried about. But it is enough to notice the details.

Both characters are standing under the Vinewood sign, parodying the world-famous Hollywood logo, but they cover most of the letters with their bodies. Only the initial two letters V and I are visible, which together form the Roman six. And what part of Grand Theft Auto is everyone impatiently waiting for now? Yes, the sixth.

But what if we could learn more about him? The other side of the picture gives a hint, on which the moon is in 85 percent of its waxing phase, i.e. where it is plus or minus even today. But Rockstar has always announced its games on Tuesdays for more than a decade, so – the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 will be announced on Tuesday, October 3.

Yes, it’s all a bit far-fetched, but the truth is that developers like to support such conspiracy theories. Anyway, I’m going to prepare the outline of the article to be sure, so that we can possibly be one of the first to bring you great news.