A fraudster handed out fictitious GTA 6 test codes using a clever method Latest

There was quite a big scandal on the Twitch streaming platform. A user operating under the pseudonym NewsRockstar conducted a live broadcast for almost 6 hours. The title of the broadcast was called: “GTA6 OUT NOW! [BETA] – Early Access Beta Test – Twitch and Steam Exclusive“.

Many people joined the stream. At the peak, the broadcast was watched by up to 20,000 people. users, so throughout its duration, several hundred thousand certainly appeared on it, at least for a while. Twitch users.

Why was this broadcast so popular? The sender declared that he would be giving away keys to beta tests of the upcoming game GTA 6. This title turned out to be a very effective trap for many unaware network users who naively waited to receive the key.

Interestingly, the fraudster running the broadcast had an account on Twitchu since 2013. He had the Rockstar Games logo as his avatar, and his account had a verification badge. These factors probably gave him some credibility.

As you probably guessed, there was no distribution of beta test keys… Instead, the fraudster tried to steal the Steam accounts of people watching the broadcast using a phishing method. Fortunately, the sneaky Twitch user’s account has already been deleted.

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