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The idea is “Reality Ahead of Schedule”. These are the words written by visual futurist Syd Mead, who will celebrate his 90th birthday in 2023, in his collection of works, Obragon. He was involved in numerous science fiction works, including Star Trek and Blade Runner, and his ideas about how people would live in the future influenced the way many people imagined and created the future. (See this article for more details on this achievement.)

So, how do contemporary artists envision the future in 2050? To find out, we asked six groups from different backgrounds and occupations to draw a “park in 2050.”

Let’s introduce the works along with explanations from the artists themselves.

Bye Bye Canyon by Attilio Bonelli

This work depicts a future in which the ultimate development has been completed, where even natural parks and protected areas are used for energy production. Like the canyon, it depicts the successful exploitation and utilization of areas where development was once restricted by regulations. Through hyper-efficient pragmatism, parks have become a new source of energy for cities, creating a precarious balance between urban areas and nature. Parks no longer serve as the city’s lungs, but as its dark, metallic bowels.

Attilio Bonelli(29)
from italy
VFX Compositor, Matte Painter, Designer

3 word tied fantasy questionnaire
─What do you want to remain in place in 2050?
Happy polar bears.
(Happy polar bears)
─What do you wish would be gone in 2050?
Sad polar bears.
(Sad polar bears)
─What do you want to have in 2050 that you don’t have now?
Emotional analog waveforms.
(Analog waveform that conveys emotions)

Floki’s Livestream Odyssey by Ina Chen

In 2030, Elon Musk sends his dog Floki into space in order to bend space and time to extend his dog’s lifespan. To commemorate this, people from all over the world gather every year to watch Floki in space live streamed. Time passes and Kazakhstan is in 2050. In a world still scarred by Russia’s nuclear tests and China’s Belt and Road Initiative, national parks have become toxic. Still, the attraction of live streaming remains undiminished. People come together without hesitation, their shared imagination and reality merge, and reality and unreality intermingle. (Co-produced with Calvin Singh)

Floki stares at the Earth from space.

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