Achieving the ‘Soar’ Trophy in Spiderman 2: Tips and Strategies

There are tons of Trophies to acquire in Insomniac Games’ latest Spider-Man installment. But do you know how to get the ‘Soar’ Trophy in Spiderman 2?

Players online are having trouble earning this Trophy, which asks that you fly from one district to another just with your Web Wings. I’ll teach you how to easily get the Soar Trophy.

Spider-Man 2: How to unlock the ‘Soar’ Trophy

How you get the Soar Trophy in Spiderman 2 is by flying from the Financial District to the Astoria District, but only with your Web Wings. This can get tough if you don’t know how to properly use them, or how to stay above ground. It’s actually a lot easier than you think, so let me teach you!

  • How To Get The Soar Trophy Spiderman 2 Financial District
  • How To Get The Soar Trophy Spiderman 2 Astoria District

First off, head to this point on the map, with is the top right corner of the Financial District. The Astoria District is across this large body of water, a couple thousand miles away. I recommend you set a marker to this point in the Astoria District to make sure you know where you’re going.

Luckily, you can use the trusty wind tunnels and updrafts to stay afloat. Make sure that you keep your Web Wings activated, and don’t point launch or swing. The Soar Trophy is only attainable if you rely solely on your wings

Chinatown Wind Tunnels
Screenshot: PC Invasion

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So, jump off the marked area, bust out the wings, and fly towards this set of wind tunnels to your right. You should be in Chinatown at this point. After that set of tunnels ends, you’re already halfway there. This set will take you right to the lake.

How To Get The Soar Trophy Spiderman 2 Wind Tunnels
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Press R3 to spot the next set of wind tunnels. In the image above you’ll see them heading right towards the point I made on the map. This is a very long set of wind tunnels that take you through Downtown Queens and the edge of the Astoria District.

And that’s all it takes! This route is honestly the easiest way to get there, it took me less than a minute, and I only did it in one try. As soon as you reach the District threshold, you should see the Trophy notification pop up.

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