Advancement of regional energy infrastructure with introduction of two new substations and transmission lines

Last week, two new 400 kV substations and a 190km interconnector overhead transmission line were inaugurated in Omusati. The project, valued at N$1 billion, began in June 2021 during the tough COVID-19 period. The aim was to strengthen the backbone of northern Namibia while also connecting Angola and Namibia.

The two substations, the Kunene Substation, which is 30km south of the Angola-Namibia border at the Ruacana Power Station, and the Omatando Substation in Ongwediva, are now seamlessly connected by the overhead transmission line.

Speaking in a keynote address, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo said the event is not merely inaugurating substations and transmission lines; as it is “inaugurating a brighter future for Namibia and by extension for Southern Angola.”

According to Alweendo, these substations and transmission lines are like vital highways that will bring electricity to every part of the country as well as open potential for regional integration.

“As we expand our network, we open doors to greater trade opportunities, collaboration, and growth with Angola. These infrastructures certainly allow for future trade to be strengthened between our two countries,” he said, adding that the Kunene Substation will serve as the connection point between Namibia and Angola.

At the event, Sinohydro’s Corporate and Adoptive Building Land Construction official, Zhang Xiaojun said the projects represent a crucial milestone in advancing the region’s energy infrastructure.

“Its completion is a testament to the vision and dedication of both Sinohydro JV Adaptive and our local authorities,” he noted, adding that the project created employment for 300 locals and Namibia subcontractors and suppliers.

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Power utility, NamPower managing director, Kahenge Haulofu meanwhile commended the contractors and partners on delivering and ensuring a secure supply of electricity. Currently, Namibia’s electricity is generated by hydropower while 61% is imported.

The inaugurated the Kunene substation in the Omusati region.Advancement of regional energy infrastructure with introduction of two new substations and transmission lines