All You Need to Know About Spiderman 2: The Video Game

Metepec, State of Mexico, October 18, 2023.-

In the world of video games, there is nothing better than a good title that allows you to get into the suit of a superhero and none like that of Spiderman; that after successes and failures in games, brings us the sequel to its title from Insomniac games; creators of sagas like Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive.

I’m Mariano Ramírez and today I bring you the review of Spiderman 2 for PS5 consoles in which Peter Parker and Miles Morales will face new villains such as the Lizard, Kraven the hunter and the dangerous VENOM symbiote.

3 years have passed since the events narrated in the last game, Peter and Miles continue their life as a superhero team, balancing it with personal themes; when out of nowhere, Peter meets his friend, Harry Osborn, who after a long illness, returns cured thanks to a mysterious treatment; while Miles deals with his admission to college, taking care of his neighborhood, and the aftermath of losing his father.

Photo: Official networks of the video game.

This is where a new threat arises in NY. A group of hunters led by Kraven come to the city to free all the super villains to kill them one by one.

In that aspect, it is the same gameplay as the first game, which consisted of exploring the vast city of NY, beating up villains, finding collectibles, and swinging around the Big Apple at high speed. Although it is not adding anything new to the conversation like in the first game, I liked that tweaks were added to the controls and combat that make everything feel more agile and at the same time require more strategies than just chopping “square” until the fatigue.

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Photo: Official networks of the video game.

One of the strongest points continues to be how we move around the city. Being a larger map, the mechanics have been improved so that our character can plan, jump, run and do somersaults in the air in a very fun way like “the friendly neighbor” would do.

Another interesting aspect was the use of instant loading times, since the game uses all the power of the console’s SSD to take us from one place to the other or change and load characters without waiting times.

The game also looks great since in fidelity mode, the title manages to push the PS5 to its limits… literally, since the console we played on heated up several times; but that’s more the fault of our hardware.

Photo: Official networks of the video game.

Not everything is perfect; In the narrative aspect, certain characters and events feel relegated, like Miles Morales himself, whose theme is very interesting but which feels replaced and even sometimes disconnected from Peter’s story, which can be disappointing for those who are fans of the superhero. .

Also, with the pain of my heart, MJ’s stealth missions return, which like those of the first game, come to feel like a big limit compared to the missions with more action. And while they are less restrictive, I wish they didn’t come back in the first place.

With everything and its details, Spiderman 2 is an excellent title that you cannot miss if you are a fan of the most famous wall-crawlers in comics, or if you have abandoned your Play 5 waiting for that exclusive title that takes advantage of the hardware. This game will leave you doing everything a spider does.

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