Amazon sells “Delivery Driver Urine” as an energy drink! Why a British documentary program caused a stir | Latest

The product, sold on Amazon in the UK, had all the hallmarks of a viral drink. The impressive design, bold font, and punchy product name “RELEASE.”

However, the liquid inside turned out to be urine. Moreover, an Amazon delivery driver urinated into a plastic bottle and threw it away on the roadside. Amazon in the UK did not stop the sale of this “product” and RELEASE became the number one bestseller in the “bitter lemon drink” category.

Of course, this product is fake. A new documentary program “The Great Amazon HeistIt was created by journalist Uber Butler for the magazine.

What was revealed after infiltrating the distribution center

Butler is a journalist, host, and famous for his “pranks.” He is active in the UK,A shed in a London garden has been turned into the number one restaurant on TripAdvisor.It is known for that.

In The Great Amazon Heist, Butler sneaks into Amazon’s distribution center in Coventry, England with a hidden camera and complains about back pain, potentially dangerous working conditions, and near-constant surveillance. It starts with listening to the workers. On his first day, Butler himself had to unload a scorching hot truck with no fans or air conditioning.

An Amazon spokesperson said that “nothing is more important” to us than the safety and well-being of our employees. He said he is providing protective gear and footwear and “also has a dedicated health and safety team on site.”

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Butler happened to be at a distribution center in Coventry when there was an opening for staff. At that time, some people had applied for recognition as a labor union, but as the number of new employees increased, the proportion of union members decreased and they were forced to withdraw their applications.

GMB, one of the UK’s largest trade unions, has accused Amazon of deliberately hiring hundreds of staff to disrupt voting, which Amazon denies. ing.

RELEASECourtesy of Channel 4

As one of his staff members, Butler began interviewing delivery drivers and learned that drivers had to urinate in plastic bottles because they didn’t have time to find a place to stop for a bathroom break. This is because late delivery will result in penalties.

Drivers have been reported to have urinated into plastic bottles in the past.It has been reported. What was not known was that some people claimed that they would also be penalized if there was a plastic bottle of urine in the truck when it returned to the distribution center. (He denies this, saying Amazon drivers receive regular reminders to take breaks in the Amazon Delivery app.)

Delivery drivers who want to avoid penalties end up throwing the bottles on the side of the road. Butler ended up scouring roadsides near Amazon’s distribution hubs from Coventry to New York to Los Angeles, and found a number of “liquid gold” items.

“Selling drinks was surprisingly easy.”

Butler got an idea from this and decided to sell “RELEASE” on Amazon. The story of how it got there was laughably simple.

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