Andalucía Game 2023: A Thrilled Audience Fills the Andalusian Video Game Fair

This Saturday, Seville dressed up to host a new edition of Andalusia Game 2023, an event that, year after year, has established itself as an undisputed benchmark in the world of video games. This edition, enhanced by the collaboration of the Cajasol Foundation and Publicaciones del Surand strengthened by the support of its sponsors: Roning, AWS, Amazon Game Tech e Ingram Micro Cloud, was a complete success, attended by more than 5,000 people throughout the day. The event shone with a light of excellence and community that illuminated every corner of the emblematic Cajasol Foundation space in the Plaza de San Francisco.

Andalucía Game 2023: A Thrilled Audience Fills the Andalusian Video Game Fair
Andalusia Game

The stage came alive with tournaments that captured the essence of competition and strategy. Iconic games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tekken 7 and Fortnite took center stage, allowing players to immerse themselves in vibrant challenges and memorable showdowns. The commentators, with their passionate and knowledgeable narration, amplified the emotion, guiding the audience through every play, every moment of tension and every celebrated victory. Around thirty games for PS5 were distributed among the attendees, courtesy of PlayStation Spain.


The spirit of solidarity was also present in a notable way. The determination to contribute to a worthy cause resonated through the Proceeds destined for the ELA Andalusia Association, demonstrating that the gaming community is deeply rooted in values ​​of empathy and generosity. This commitment to solidarity left a positive mark, reinforcing the meaning and purpose of the event beyond pure fun and entertainment.

Andalusia Game

The guests, each an excellence in their field, brought dimensions of inspiration and learning. Elesky, Pablo Domínguez and José Meco They shared their experiences and knowledge, enriching the event with their talent and wisdom. Elesky, with his multifaceted background in music and gaming, enchanted the audience with his unique perspective. Pablo Domínguez and José Meco, with their vast experiences in the world of dubbing, brought a wealth of knowledge about the industry, allowing attendees to dive deeper into the art behind the voices of some of their favorite characters.

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The world of cosplay shone with its own brilliance, being a colorful and creative manifestation of the passion for video games. The artists, with their elaborate costumes and performances, They added an atmosphere of fantasy and admirationallowing attendees to explore and enjoy various forms of expression related to the gaming universe.

Andalusia Game

The workshops and educational activities were developed as spaces for exploration and discovery. Various aspects of the video game industry were revealed, offering participants tools and knowledge that could be fundamental for their development and growth within the field.


The Roning platform, as a notable innovation, facilitated interactions and connections between gamers. Roning is a social network focused exclusively on video games, allowing users to find playmates, competitors and friends with similar interests. It facilitates the creation of teams, the organization of games and leagues, and offers a variety of resources and opportunities for gamers, YouTubers and streamers, contributing to a richer and more connected gaming experience.

The eighth edition of Andalucía Game 2023 It was a complete success, attracting more than 5,000 participants of all ages. Throughout the day, the event was full of people enjoying the various activities offered, from video game tournaments to educational sessions and cosplayer presentations. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and enthusiasm, with visitors immersing themselves in the experience and enjoying everything that Andalucía Game 2023 had to offer. This year, the event not only met expectations, but exceeded them, reaffirming itself as a essential quote for video game lovers.