Android Auto arrives on a motorcycle, a new GTA 6 leak: here’s the recap! Latest

Android Auto and CarPlay are available on motorcycles thanks to a smart screen at a very reasonable price, a GTA 6 leak reveals the content of a potential mission in the streets of Vice City, The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon is free: it’s the recap!

Yesterday we revealed to you that Waze fixed a dangerous bug and that the Android 14 beta was arriving earlier than expected. Today on the program, viewing episode 1 of The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon for free, a scary mystery in GTA 6 and a very practical screen for motorcycles!

Episode 1 of The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon is free on YouTube

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon

Want to see The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon? Good news, AMC has posted episode 1 for free on YouTube. To view it, all you need is a VPN to locate you in the United States. Follow our tutorial, it’s very simple!

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A serial killer is rampant in GTA 6

gta 6 rockstar serial killer

The leaked videos of GTA 6 have allowed the community to learn a lot of information about the content of the future game. One player has just made a disturbing discovery: a murderer is believed to be active in the four corners of the city. A potential mission in Rockstar’s next game?

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Smart display brings Android Auto and CarPlay to motorcycles

NaviCam, Android Auto and CarPlay for all motorcycles

Motorcyclists also dream of not having to pay a fortune to be able to use Android Auto or CarPlay on their bike. NaviCam CL876 is a game changer: it’s a smart motorcycle display with camera, tire pressure monitoring and navigation functions. It is weather resistant and easy to install.

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