Announcement: Minister of Environment Launches Annual Tree Planting Campaign with a Goal of 1 Million Trees per Year

Eang Sophalleth, Minister of the Environment, has announced a campaign to plant at least 1 million trees every year from now on.

Through the October 10, 2023, campaign, the Minister of Environment urged people to plant trees, rehabilitate forests, and protect forests and the natural environment to increase forest cover and sell carbon to increase income in the community.

At the same time, Sophalleth said that in order to ensure the sustainability of the environment and the livelihood of the community, communities need to plant more trees because trees are a source of income by generating revenue from the sale of carbon, and the revenue from the sale of carbon will help develop infrastructure and give people more income than the current income through tourists.

The rectangular strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia in the first phase of the second, fourth, and fifth angles is to ensure the sustainability of socio-economic development and to build resilience to climate change, sustainable development, and the environment by promoting investment attraction in high-value-added industries and green industries. The government plans to maintain 60 percent of forest cover by 2030.

The Minister of Environment considers environmental work to be of global importance, so the Ministry has launched a campaign including:

1. Promote and participate in the campaign “Today I do not use plastic bags” from September 1, 2023, and until now, more than 11,000 schools from all levels across the country and more than 1.5 million young students participated.

2. To rehabilitate and replant trees in order to achieve carbon neutrality and improve the livelihoods of communities responding to climate change.

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3. Increase forest cover by 60% by planting 1 million trees per year, including bamboo, to increase forest cover and improve people’s livelihoods, as well as engaging with partners to address global issues that focus primarily on global climate change. Fresh News

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