Another Custom Mech Wars Trailer Unveiled!

D3 Publisher unveils a second official trailer for Custom Mech Wars. This third-person shooter features mechas that can be customized at will with a whole host of attributes, trying to match your vision of beauty!

The promotional campaign seems, to say the least, offbeat! THE Japanese beauty advicehosted by Doctor Beauty, will talk to you in more depth about the different configurations of your robots. By collecting opinions from different women, and their questions on this very subjective criterion, he will be able to address the possibilities that Custom Mech Wars offers. The trailer is available in Japanese and in English, we present it to you below.

The Doctor takes the opportunity to remind us that thanks to his Omega Customization System, you will have the opportunity to create unique mechas, by customizing the number of members, their sizes, and their angles! Thus, the robots will be tailor-made, with abilities and fighting styles that meet your preferences. There will be a huge selection of weapons to equip with. You can also collect items from your enemies to adorn yourself with them!

An online multiplayer mode will be available, allowing up to four players to collaborate for scripted missions. You can take advantage of this to parade with your creation.

Custom Mech Wars will be released on December 14, 2023. The game is expected on PS5 and PC via Steam.

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Source : Gematsu