Background behind the adoption of USB-C in “iPhone 15”: 10 most read stories in September 2023 | Latest

This September, following Apple’s new product announcement event, articles about the “iPhone 15” series attracted attention. It’s worth noting that Apple has completely updated the charging port of the iPhone 15 series to USB-C instead of Lightning. This allows you to use the same cable to charge most devices. Behind this is a law that requires all mobile phones, tablets, and cameras sold within the EU to be equipped with USB-C ports by the end of 2024.

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Another hot topic was a report that highly enriched uranium was detected in the shells of turtles living in nuclear test areas. Because turtles are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment, they have been known to be a predictor of the health of an ecosystem. Traces of highly enriched uranium found in turtles caught in areas with past nuclear testing and manufacturing facilities are thought to help understand the future impact of nuclear research and energy production on the global environment. .

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From here, we will introduce the 10 most read books, focusing on editorial articles published on “” in September.

01. What will happen with the iPhone 15’s full transition to “USB-C”?5 things you need to know

Phil Barker/Getty Images

Apple has completely migrated the ports of the iPhone 15 series from Lightning to USB-C. How will this change usability? What will happen to traditional peripherals and accessories? Here are five things you should know. >>Read the full article

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02. The “iPhone 15” series has achieved a “once-in-a-decade” evolution with improved performance and adoption of USB-C.


Apple announced four models of the “iPhone 15″ series. All models are equipped with a USB-C port, but the focus is on the “Pro” series, which has improved processing speed and allows you to enjoy games like a home game console. >>Read the full article

03. “Nuclear history” engraved on turtle shells: research results


A turtle’s shell is influenced by the surrounding environment during its growth process. Because of this, turtles have been considered to be “beings that signal changes in the environment.” Recently, a US research team revealed that the shells of turtles that have long lived in areas where nuclear tests were conducted contain highly enriched uranium. >>Read the full article

04. The world of quantum physics seen with the mind created by a former physicist’s “disappearing sculpture”


When viewed from the front, it looks like a person. However, when viewed from the side, the image disappears. Portland-based Julien Voss-Andre is an artist known for his sculptures that change appearance depending on the viewer’s perspective. His works are often talked about as “disappearing sculptures.” The origin of his creation of such unique works lies in the dazzling world of quantum physics. >>Read the full article

05.[Understand in 3 minutes]From the iPhone 15 series to the new Apple Watch and the complete transition to USB-C: All the products announced by Apple

Julian Chokkattu

Apple held a new product announcement event and announced new products, including four models of the “iPhone 15” series that have fully transitioned to USB-C. We will introduce all the products announced, from the iPhone with a higher-performance camera to the new Apple Watch with gesture control. >>Read the full article

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