Best Buy unveils over 190 Prime Day deals for PS5 games in real time

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The prices of games for the PlayStation 5 have steadily increased, with the best PS5 games costing $70 for base editions and more than $100 for special editions. Fortunately, with the arrival of Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days 2023 and the return of Prime Day deals, other retailers are also offering PS5 game deals. One of the top sources for discounts is Best Buy, which has slashed the prices of some of the best RPGs for PS5 and best PS5 games for kids. We’ve selected our top picks from the sale, but you should also take a look at what else will catch your eye.

To start us off, we have some of the most popular games on sale right now, such as Elden Ring for


rather than $60, which isn’t a significant discount, but you can still save that up and put it towards something else. Another great game with a more significant discount is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for


instead of $70, which works the smoothest on PS5 and is a great sequel to the previous game. We also really like the deal on this Horizon Forbidden West Launch Edition, which is going for just


instead of $70, a great opportunity to grab one of the best games on PS5. If you’re an RPG fan, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Standard Edition also has a great deal on it for


instead of $50, so if you grab this and Eat Survivoryou’ll have saved enough to get a third game for the price of two.

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If you want some games that are still great but not necessarily well-known or on the beating path, then we’d recommend Cloudpunk for


, which is a narratively-driven game set in a cyberpunk world. Another quite unique game is Returnal for


instead of $70, and its uniqueness lies in it being one of the few narratively driven shooter roguelikes out there. If you’re into zombies, then Dying Light 2 Stay Human is also a great option that’s going for just


instead of $60, and it’s still getting regular content updates. Finally, for the sports fans out there, we have FIFA 23 Standard Edition for


instead of $40, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 for


instead of $50.

Of course, you’ll definitely want to go check out the sale for yourself because there are so many more games we haven’t covered on sale.

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