Best Kits In EA FC 24: Awesome FIFA 24 FUT Jerseys Latest

Ranking of the best kits in EA FC 24: Winning isn’t enough; we want to do it with style. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top ten most stylish jerseys you’ll want to wear in FUT in the upcoming FIFA 24.

Best Kits In EA FC 24: Awesome FIFA 24 FUT Jerseys
The best kits in EA FC 24. | © EarlyGame/EA Sports

Everyone is eager to don their favorite club’s jersey as the season kicks off. But what if this year’s away kit sucks? Worse yet, what if your club opts for a darker shade of green that makes it difficult to distinguish your players in Ultimate Team from the pitch?

To save you from such fashion and gameplay faux pas, we’ve curated an exceptional collection of the top ten kits available in EA FC 24. Our lineup spans from classic, timeless football aesthetics to cutting-edge Italian fashion pieces—ensuring there’s a stylish option for every discerning taste!

Best Kits In EA FC 24: Play With Style

We can only hope that EA implements the kits with love and passion and make them look as good as the club’s show them off. If you pack one of those kits either use them yourself or make sure to list them on the transfer market in FUT to get a nice amount of coins.

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10. AS Roma | Home

The 2023-24 home jersey for AS Roma beautifully captures the club’s traditional colors through its minimalist and classic design. Featuring a base of classic red, the jersey is accented with tasteful yellow details to create a timeless look.

The iconic ‘Lupetto,’ the wolf head emblem, makes a triumphant return to the jersey, adding an extra layer of nostalgia.

FIFA 24 Kits best kits jerseys
EA FC 24: best kits in FIFA 24 – AS Roma is among our top 10. | © asroma/EarlyGame

9. Chelsea FC | Home

The design blends traditional white elements with the iconic blue, serving as a stylish homage to the remarkable 1997/98 season. That was the year Chelsea basked in European glory, claiming the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup with standout performances from club legends like Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, and Roberto Di Matteo.

The cherry on top? The absence of a sponsor. We can only hope that Chelsea remains without a kit sponsor this season, allowing the jersey to retain its clean, classic look.

EA FC 24 kits best FUT kits jersey fifa 24
Best fut kits in EA FC 24: Chelseas classic blue kit looks fire. | © chelseafc

8. Manchester United | 3rd Kit

Manchester United’s 2023-2024 third jersey breaks new ground by featuring the devil emblem as its crest for the first time ever. The design takes loose inspiration from the kit donned during the club’s victorious 1908-09 FA Cup campaign.

This continues the trend of retro-inspired jerseys, much like the ones EA Sports introduced during the FIFA 23 season.

EA FC 24 fut kits beautiful jersey best jerseys fut fifa 24
Manchester United’s 3rd kit could be very popular in EA FC 24. | © manchesterunited

7. Celtic FC | Away

Predominantly black with subtle white and dark green accents, this adidas away jersey pays tribute to Celtic FC’s Scottish roots with tartan details adorning the collar and cuffs.

Crafted entirely from recycled materials, this jersey is part of our ongoing commitment to combat plastic waste. GG Celtic!

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EA FC 24 kits
Best kits in the new FIFA 24: Celtic has this classic black and white look. | © celticfc

6. Ajax Amsterdam | 3rd Kit

Ajax returns this season with another gem up their sleeve—literally, a tribute to the Amstergems. Known globally for their youth academy’s knack for discovering on-pitch diamonds, Ajax Amsterdam doesn’t disappoint.

The 2023/2024 Third Jersey is a celebration of this talent factory. It features a captivating, jewel-inspired graphic pattern and a woven badge, making it a standout piece in homage to the beautiful game’s finest talent producers.

EA FC 24 best jerseys kits
Ajax Amsterdam celebrates it’s gems with their new kit. | © ajaxamsterdam

5. AC Milan | Away

Indeed, when football meets fashion, Milan is the ultimate playground. The 2023/24 Away Kit embodies the effortless blend of the city’s footballing tradition and its innate sense of style.

It’s a representation of Milan—a city that effortlessly ascended to fashion capital status without ever appearing to try. This kit marries the casual elegance of the Milanese streets with the rich history of the football pitch.

EAFC 24 kits 1
EA FC 24: Milan’s away shirt comes in a clean look. | © acmilan

4. Olympique Lyonnais | Home

A culinary and cultural homage, this Olympique Lyonnais jersey serves up a feast for the eyes. Reflecting Lyon’s status as a gastronomic haven that hosts the world’s most prestigious cooking competition biennially, the jersey features a tricolore collar and cuffs, enhanced by gold details.

The updated badge also adds a distinct flair to the ensemble. With a palette that includes white, red, blue, and gold, this kit is a veritable smorgasbord of style—what’s not to love?

Best kits fifa
EA FC 24: Lyon’s kit is soooo clean and awesome! | © olympqiuelyon

3. AFC Wimbledon | Home/Away/3rd Kit

While oversized sponsors that clash with the team’s colors are usually a fashion faux pas, AFC Wimbledon is the exception to the rule this season.

With the iconic game Football Manager emblazoned across their chests, this kit serves as a nod to the superior career mode option among football games (sorry, EA). For those who want to make a statement, this EFL League Two team kit is the perfect way to do it.

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EAFC24kits best kits jersey ea fc 24
AFC Wimbledon made it in our list BECAUSE of their sponsor. | © afcwimbledon

2. SL Benfica | Away

Celebrating 120 years of Sport Lisboa and Benficathis season’s away jersey is inspired by the club’s global reach and unifying spirit. It’s a design that encapsulates a feeling that knows no boundaries—geographical, temporal, or otherwise.

Featuring five distinct stripes, each representing one of the five continents, the jersey pays homage to the millions of Benfica fans across the globe who continually support, follow, and elevate the club’s name.

Ea fc 24 jerseys best shirts fut
EA FC 24: Benfica’s away shirt is just awesome! | © slbenfica

1. Venezia FC

This Serie B club from Italy has been consistently delivering design masterpieces over the past few years, and the 2023/24 season is no exception. They’ve secured our top spot for the best kits in EA FC 24!

EA FC 24 Best Kits Venezia FIFA 24 jerseys
Best kits in EA FC 24: Venezia is our #1 | © veneziafc/EarlyGame

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