Bryan Intihar discusses game’s opening scene, sign language, accessibility options, and more in interview for PlayStation.Blog LATAM

It’s time to swing your webs. With the global launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, maybe you’ve already taken a walk around Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens with a spider web or spider web wings. Maybe you put Peter and Miles’ masked stunts to good use to control crime and confront new emerging threats, you checked out the new costumes and styles with delight, you dipped your toe into the variety of accessibility options.

If you’re one of those players, perhaps you’ve already made your way through the first hours of the game, enjoyed the excellent spectacle of the opening cutscene, and put Spidey’s skills to use to complete the first few missions. If so, then you must have questions like the ones we asked the game’s Senior Creative Director, Bryan Intihar, when we sat down to talk about the beginning of the game.

Below are selected excerpts from that conversation that talk about specific moments early in the game, edited for clarity and brevity. You can hear much more in an extended version of the interview airing on the PlayStation Podcast later today. But for now, enjoy.

Spoiler alert: This interview talks about some of the story and missions at the beginning of the game.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Launch Interview: Bryan Intihar Discusses Game's Opening Scene, Sign Language, Accessibility Options, and More

That tutorial scene was proposed from the beginning

In Marvel’s Spider-Man players became familiar with Peter Parker’s movements in a confrontation against the Kingpin. In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man faced Rhino’s attacks. For Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Insomniac went big. Much larger.

“Sandman was one of the first things we decided very early on,” Intihar explains. “It was a meeting where I said, ‘I want to start Sandman.’ We knew from the beginning that [Marvel’s Spider-Man 2] It was going to be on the PS5 console. And we knew enough about the console, its capabilities, and how we wanted to put it to the test. And of course we knew there were going to be two Spider-Men. Then you say: new console. Great sequel. Two heroes. What can be worth presenting that? I think Sandman was right.

“We worked on that mission for a long time. A long, long, long time. The thing is this: it’s not just that he’s obviously a great character in the opening. But it’s a technical challenge, whether it’s getting in and out of buildings or switching heroes seamlessly, the amount of technology and art that goes into making Sandman look good… it’s something we worked on right up to the last minute. We wanted to go big. We wanted people to understand right away – and I always joke that his name is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 because there are two Spider-Men-, but for us, the question was how to show people in the first 20 or 30 minutes that everything was leveled up.

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“Having this big opening show that would blow people’s minds, but also trying to teach people ‘this is how to play.’ We have a challenge between creating this amazing show and at the same time teaching players how to swing, how to hit, how to dodge, how to use the slot ability. This is how you dodge in the air, this is how you use spider web wings… It’s a lot of information. And that comes from repetition, testing and more repetitions.”

The studio wanted the events to have a lasting effect on Marvel’s New York

“Something that we probably didn’t talk much about, that we couldn’t mention until now, is the second mission. Internally we called it “The Aftermath,” because we wanted to show, unlike the first games, that there is a cause and effect for these great things that happen. You will be able to notice the devastation in the destruction of the city due to this great event with Sandman. The example I usually give is: When we did the construction mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man [en 2018], at the end of it all, Pete shoots webs at the helicopter, right? And it’s held between two buildings, right? He is great. With “the magic of cinema”, if you turn around to see the helicopter at the end of the mission, it is no longer there. As if nothing had happened. We wanted all our large events to have [esa causa y efecto], see the consequences of that. Whether it’s that mission or others in the game, you’ll get the feeling that there are causes and effects throughout the game. And that is one of the things we wanted to show in our world compared to the previous two.”

Hailey and the representation of sign language in the game

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales He introduced Hailey to the players, a talented artist who communicates with Miles and his friends with sign language. Come back in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and is (small spoiler) the focus of a particular mission.

“I will tell you that that mission – I’ll try not to go into too much detail – is definitely one of my favorite parts of the game. Not just because of what it is, but because of how it came about. Because the team, I can say now, we didn’t start making the game with the idea of ​​creating that mission. Definitely not. But it was something that the team talked about and proposed. And I can tell you: it didn’t fit into the agenda. It didn’t fit. And this was something that the team was very passionate about and they did it… The whole team was like, “Hey, let’s figure out how to make this happen,” to the point of [ser] one of the last things I checked. One of the last things (that I actually went to the office) that I reviewed, was that mission, that section. I know I’m being really vague, because I don’t want to ruin it for people, everyone will know what I’m talking about once they play, I promise. And for me it is very special. That mission is a great example of how: Yes, I’m the creative director; Yes, part of my responsibility is to define the vision of the game. But it’s also my job to empower my team when they have really good ideas that will not only make people work enthusiastically on the game, but also make it a better game. And I think that mission in particular is a great example that when you empower the team to make the game, they do it better than you could have imagined.”

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On the game’s accessibility features and the importance of accessibility to the studio and the industry

“Someone asked me the other day what the biggest advancement in the industry has been in the last 5 or 10 years, and I quickly said, ‘accessibility.’ I think that’s the biggest advancement – ​​not just Insomniac, but across the entire PlayStation family and the entire industry – is the amount of features we continue to add to our games. For us it started a lot with Marvel’s Spider-Man and then we kept adding things in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and then, obviously, Ratchet & Clank. and now in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

“I think our goal is to always find more ways for more players to enjoy it.” [Spider-Man] He is a huge character. The characters, Pete, Miles, are a big part of popular culture. In some ways they are two of the most popular superheroes there are. So whether you’re someone older like me, or you’re someone young, everyone wants to be Spider-Man… I think what’s really cool is that not only are we committed to continuing to add accessibility features to every game, but we’re going to continue adding more features even after launch. We will continue adding things. And again, I think whether it’s different settings so the timing and combat are different, or the timing and balancing are different, all these sliders, if it’s a visual setting that you can set, things like that. audio… What can we do so that as many people as possible can play […] I think for a lot of us, for me especially, these are things that I haven’t been exposed to before or that I’m learning about myself. But I think it’s extremely important. We always watch other games, right? You always look at what they are doing. I think you’ll see more and more parts of the industry coming together and sharing more of their knowledge on this, because I think it’s something that can really strengthen the industry and take our entire medium to a new level if we make it so everyone can play our games.” .

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On Bryan Intihar’s favorite moment in the game and why it speaks to Spider-Man’s heart

“It’s not really a big spoiler because you play it early in the game, [pero mi favorita] is the mission in Queens with Harry and Pete… because, in essence, it is the content less related to Spider-Man. But we all felt that it was very important, because that relationship and that friendship is vital to the game and the story to understand where the plot of this game is going to go and how their relationship will go through ups and downs during the game. We wanted to make sure people understood the story behind those two best friends.

“It’s the least Spider-Man-like thing, because, but… What I always said from the beginning was, ‘Hey, we want to present the fantasy of being these heroes, whether it’s the swinging, the suits, the combat. We wanted to live out the superhero fantasy, but I think just as important is what can make our game stand out, showing their lives outside of the suit. If we show their journeys, their needs, their desires, their problems? How do we show it outside of the suit?’ And I feel like that mission in Queens is that but multiplied by a hundred. And there are a lot of custom things. It takes a lot of faith because that time of missions are usually the ones that you have to analyze with a magnifying glass during development to see if it is really going to work. But the team did it and they did it much better than I could have imagined.

“What was cool was that whenever we did a usability test, that was the first mission I saw, whether people liked it or not. Because he thought: if they like this, it means they are going to commit to the rest of the story and its characters. I mean, obviously the Sandman thing is amazing, because you’re like, ‘Oh, God, a superhero bonanza.’ But those moments with Harry and Pete in Queens… Yeah, that’s what I always wanted in our Spider-Man games.”

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