Bus operators advocate for fare hike amidst surging fuel prices

Dar es Salaam. Bus operators have proposed an increase in upcountry and commuter transport fares in the wake of rising fuel prices.

The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (Latra) now plans to convene a meeting with transport stakeholders on the proposed review of transport fares.

The meeting will inform the regulator about the outcome of the meeting for final decision.

Latra said in a statement that three bus companies submitted a proposal asking for a review of bus fares, citing high operational costs and an increase in fuel prices.

The companies proposed an increase in the fares by between 47.78 percent and 71.11 percent, according to a statement issued by Latra.

The meeting, scheduled for next Wednesday, will include transport stakeholders and the general public.

“Latra will present the proposals to the meeting and outline some criteria used to review fares,” the regulator said, asking the bus operators to avoid raising the fares before approval.

The current fares were reviewed in May 2022, when the price of diesel was Sh3,258 per litre in Dar es Salaam, compared to Sh3,448 in October 2023.

The bus companies that have requested an increase in bus fares include Super Feo, ABC Upper Class and Transportation Limited, and Happy Nation Company Limited.

The companies have given different proposals to increase the fare from the current Sh56.88 per kilometre for each passenger.

“Super Feo Enterprises for the middle class has proposed an increase of Sh101.88 per kilometre, equal to Sh45,000, equal to 79.11 percent; ABC Company for the middle class, Sh92.84, has proposed an increase of Sh36.96 per kilometre, equal to 63.22 percent; and Happy Nation for the middle class, Sh84.06, has proposed an increase of Sh27.18, equal to 47.78 percent, “said the statement.

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According to the statement, it’s a legal requirement for the companies to submit their proposals to transport stake-holders and collect their opinions before making the final decision.

Latra has urged all transport stakeholders and the general public to attend the meeting and share their views.