Calling all adventurers: Astral Express invites you to feast in Jakarta!

Jakarta: Good news for Trailblazers, Honkai: Star Rail players, in Indonesia. The Time to Feast collaboration event: Astra Express Pit Stop is here in Jakarta!

Honkai: Star Rail collaborates with Covivium Bakery & Cafe located in Panglima Polim, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This cafe was transformed into a theme for the newest Hoyoverse game from 11 October to 14 November 2023.

Medcom friends can take photos with various life size standees for the newest characters launched in version 1.4, Jingliu and Topaz & Numby, or posters. Apart from that, Trailblazers who buy the collaboration menu will also get various limited edition merchandise.

Starting from acrylic standees March 7th and Dan Heng in casual costumes, cute Pom-Pom pins, to limited hologram tickets containing the in-game wallpaper redeem code, you can get them.

Calling all adventurers: Astral Express invites you to feast in Jakarta!

Not only that, you can also buy original Honkai: Star Rail merchandise and various attractive prizes if you come to the location. You can also take part in various interesting events and interesting games at this venue.

The events prepared range from cosplay, sharing on social media, to minigames with attractive prizes, you know!

Simultaneously held throughout the world

Time to Feast: Astra Express Pit Stop is an offline event held by Hoyoverse simultaneously throughout the world. This event collaborates with different cafes or franchises in each country.

This activity was held in 3 European countries and 9 countries in Asia. Well, Indonesia is one of the lucky countries and got the first turn.

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This event open to public, without reservation. This activity also started to coincide with the launch of Honkai: Star Rail on PS5.

Come on, friends who are curious, go to Time to Feast: Astra Express Pit Stop Indonesia!

Hi Trailblazer, Astral Express Time to Feast is here in Jakarta!

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