Catch the Live Flash Deals You Can’t Afford to Miss on Amazon Prime Day 2023

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Amazon wants to ring the bell again with a new event: the so-called Prime Offers Party, which due to the way it works is very similar to the Prime Day that the company traditionally celebrates in July.

There are two days in the month of October, 10 and 11, to be aware of all the offers, coupons and discounts that come in and out of the store, which will not be few by any means.

So that you don’t miss out on anything, not even a single worthwhile discount, at we are going to track everything that is relevant to our readers, with particular emphasis on video games, consoles and gaming accessories and peripherals.


10 oct. 2023 19:46h.

Amazon already provides some of the offers that are sweeping, and there is more than one surprise

Eduardo Alvarez

10 oct. 2023 17:53h.

The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd gen, enjoy streaming at a great price

Victor Catena

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Xiaomi TV Box S

The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd gen It is a good option for users looking for an affordable and quality streaming device.

Currently, the Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd gen is available on Amazon with a 29% discount, which represents a saving of 20 euros. The final price of the device is 49.99 euros.

10 oct. 2023 17:25h.

ASUS TUF Gaming A15, optimized resistance for the battlefield, with a 21% discount

Alberto Martin

asus tuf gaming

This discount is a good opportunity to purchase a high-quality gaming laptop at a very competitive price.

Currently, the ASUS TUF Gaming A15 is available on Amazon with a 21% discount, which represents a saving of 350 euros. The final price of the computer is 1,349 euros.

10 oct. 2023 15:17h.

Octopath Traveler II for Switch, really cheap for the first time

Eduardo Alvarez

Octopath Traveler II

Octopath Traveler has a second installment on practically all consoles, also on Switch, which is the only platform for which the price had barely dropped, but it already has.

From 63 it goes to only 39 euros, which is not bad for a practically cult game and that fits like a glove on the Nintendo console.

10 oct. 2023 14:03h.

Logitech helmets under 30 euros sweep sales

Eduardo Alvarez

Logitech G432

In one of the top sales lists that Amazon is distributing, the Logitech G432 has been included as one of the most successful accessories.

They have dropped to 29.99 euros and are suitable for all consoles, with microphone and 7.1 DTS sound.

10 oct. 2023 12:43h.

Watch out, vintage flash sale!

Eduardo Alvarez


The Neogeo arcade version has just landed on Prime Day in the form of a flash offer, and it’s flying.

It costs 433 euros, but it is not a giant edition, the size of the version you played in the 90s.

10 oct. 2023 11:22h.

The controller that turns your mobile into a console, discounted

Eduardo Alvarez

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GameSir X2


GameSir sells several very high-level controllers for mobile phones, PC, Switch and Xbox, and specifically in the Prime Offer Party there is a very striking one, the X2 Type C for mobile phones.

The key is that due to its shape, it is ideal for using your phone as if it were a Steam Deck, and also if you have Game Pass Ultimate you can play dozens of games in the cloud.

For the 56 euros it costs, it is much better than other alternatives.

10 oct. 2023 10:06h.

This television of only 399 euros is perfect for playing

Eduardo Alvarez

TCL 55C721

Not all televisions are the same and not only size matters, and the proof is in the 55″ TCL that Amazon has reduced, which goes much further.

It costs only 399 euros, but it is 4K and has a 144 Hz screen with a gaming mode.

If you have a next-generation console, it is one of the best Prime Day televisions without a doubt.

10 oct. 2023 8:58h.

A laptop with RTX for less than 600 euros

Eduardo Alvarez

Dell Gaming G15

If what you are looking for on Prime Day has to do with PC gaming, this offer may interest you a lot, especially if you want a computer to play that doesn’t cost too much.

The Dell Gaming G15 has an Intel Core i5 and RTX 3070Ti, although there is one drawback, and that is that since it comes with Ubuntu you will almost certainly have to install Windows on your own.

For the price it has, you can’t really blame it, since it’s only 569 euros.

10 oct. 2023 7:26h.

Sony’s Inzone H3 are almost half price

Eduardo Alvarez


Sony’s official headphones for PS5, one of them, drop by 40% and remain at only 59.99 euros.

If you don’t mind that they are wired, they are one of the best options today.

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10 oct. 2023 1:01h.

Sales on Nintendo games, including Pokémon

Eduardo Alvarez

10 oct. 2023 0:40h.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage makes an appearance

Eduardo Alvarez

Assassin's Creed Mirage

It is still surprising that a Triple A game like Assassin’s Creed Mirage appears already reduced in price, but it is, although it is not a great discount either.

Amazon has applied 5% on all consoles, although yes, it is a physical format:

10 oct. 2023 0:12h.

As promised, October Prime Day is here

Eduardo Alvarez

Assassin's Creed Mirage - Final

To begin with, Amazon has activated dozens of video game deals for all consoles. Here you can see them all.

There are sales on Xbox, PS4, PS5 or Nintendo Switch games. There are some titles that have just been released.

9 oct. 2023 23:31h.

The Fire TV Stick Lite, on sale and sweeping

Eduardo Alvarez

analisis fire tv stick 4k max

Once again the Fire TV Stick Lite is on sale again before the event itself begins, this time for 23.99 euros.

The discount is considerable and has already placed it among the best sellers in the store these days.

9 oct. 2023 22:47h.

Gaming in the spotlight for Amazon

Eduardo Alvarez

Prime Gaming

Amazon is already showing some offers that will be available on Prime Day, such as the PlayStation 5 for €499 with FC 24.

Video games have been one of the company’s great focuses for a long time and at this event it will continue to be so, hence its commitment to Prime Gaming and Twitch.

9 oct. 2023 20:17h.

October’s Amazon Prime Day is about to begin

Eduardo Alvarez

Amazon Prime Day

To participate in what Amazon has called the Prime Offer Party you only have to meet one requirement: be a Prime member. If you are not, you can sign up for the free trial month.

If you are also a student, it is much better, because three months are completely free and you will also pay only half for the subscription when the trial period ends.

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