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The consequences of AI technology have also reached the world of Grand Theft Auto. This week it seemed as if the CEO of GTA publisher Take-Two revealed when the first trailer for GTA 6 will be released.

It has recently also become possible to credibly clone Dutch voices with AI.

Cloning voices with AI

Half of the newspapers are written about the possible consequences of such technology. For example, scammers can now literally steal your vote, call your parents and extort money from them.

Such technology is popping up everywhere, with results that you don’t always see coming. GTA 6 also did not escape it last week.

CEO shares window GTA 6

Let’s take a step back: since ninety videos of GTA 6 were leaked last year, fans have again had to rely purely on rumors and speculation. Rockstar, the developer of the Grand Theft Auto series, is keeping its jaws tight.

Yet last month we were able to read between the lines for the biggest update of 2023. Strauss Zelnick, the very muscular 66-year-old CEO of GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive has indirectly given shareholders an indication of when GTA 6 will be released. Such an astronomical turnover is expected that even without the game being mentioned by name, you immediately know what it is about.

That talk revealed that GTA 6 will be released sometime in the fall of 2024. But when will the game actually be revealed? Where is that iconic moment, the very first trailer, that fans have been looking forward to for almost a decade?

Date of first trailer leaked

It will be released on October 23 this year, with an eventual launch in October 2024. At least, that is what the same CEO of GTA publisher Take-Two seemed to reveal this week. With the emphasis on ‘seemed’.

An audio fragment surfaced on Twitter in which Zelnick’s voice was clearly recognizable. According to a leaker it was a leaked one voice memo from the CEO, in which he discusses the release of the long-awaited game. A secret and/or leaked recording.

This is what was heard in that recording, among other things: “An announcement is expected to be coming from Rockstar’s side very soon this coming October 23, actually. ”

Twitter genept door AI?

GTA-loving Twitter was immediately in an uproar. Until a few observant users listened a little closer, and quite a few red-colored flags soon appeared. Red flags. You guessed it: it’s most likely not really Zelnick you’re hearing, but an AI-copied version of his voice.

Zelnick is of course regularly asked about GTA, but never says anything. It’s a professional. He prefers to let his teams speak for themselves and deliver their own message, in their own way and with their own timing. Anyway, assuming the CEO is talking to a family member in the leaked audio, for example, then there will still be some red flags about those that point to artificial intelligence.

For example, listen carefully again to how Zelnick’s alleged voice pronounces ‘VI’. It sounds like ‘vee-ai’, just the way an AI would say it based on a script. It simply doesn’t sound very logical or human. As soon as you start listening to it that way, more details start to sound strange.

Wise lesson

So no, at this point we don’t know more than what the real Zelnick said last month, which you can read more about in this article. A self-proclaimed one leaker aptly fooled the internet for a moment, that’s all.

However, in addition to being a lame joke, it is also above all a (so far innocent) lesson: the fact that people had to discuss the authenticity of the recording at all actually says enough. The technology is easily advanced enough to fool consumers en masse. The fact that we as humanity suddenly can no longer assume that we can recognize someone’s voice and way of speaking has far-reaching consequences that we only half understand.

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