Choosing Between Performance and Fidelity Mode in Spiderman 2

Although video games can look and run amazing, sometimes they can only focus on one aspect at a time. So when playing Spiderman 2, should you choose performance or fidelity mode?

That’s a tough question, because if you’re not sure what the benefits of each are, how can you decide? Sadly, there’s no balanced mode, so we’ll tell you which graphics mode is best to play on in Spider-Man 2.

Performance vs fidelity mode in Spider-Man 2

While performance mode focuses more on running at a higher frame-rate, fidelity mode highlights the graphics. But which one is better? When playing Spiderman 2, I believe you should choose to play on performance mode over fidelity modebut it’s really up to personal preference, just like difficulty settings are.

Both graphics modes enhance different experiences, catering to different types of gamers:

Performance Mode

  • Targets 60 fps
  • Simplifies ray tracing and hair detail
  • Lowers crowd and vehicle density

Fidelity Mode

  • Targets 30 fps
  • Ray tracing fully enabled
  • High graphical fidelity and crowd/vehicle density
  • Performance Park Spiderman 2
  • Fidelity Park Spiderman 2

It’s tough to even say one is better than the other because you’ll find gamers who prefer higher frame rates and others who prefer better quality graphics. The only reason I’d say to play on performance mode is to get that high-targeted fps while swinging through the city.

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It makes travelling feel a little less sluggish, but I’m also not one to care about frame rate. And in all honesty, when comparing the two modes, performance mode’s ray tracing still looked just as good. Whenever I tried taking comparison photos, I found it hard to tell which version was which.

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Although, the PS5 can really make ray tracing look spectacular. With fidelity mode on, the water and glass reflections are incredibleand everything just looks a little crisper. The only downside is the fact that it runs at 30 fps, which can be a turn-off for many gamers.

  • Performance Water Spiderman 2
  • Fidelity Water Spiderman 2

Overall, my preference is only a suggestion. I know that gamers are probably split between preferring one mode over the other, and you should only choose which mode works best for you. I just enjoy how smooth Spiderman looks when swinging around New York City!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available on PS5.