CI Games share price plummeted due to negative player ratings

Daniel Packowski

CI Games closed Friday’s trading session at 17%. minus. The most important and most expensive game in the studio’s history briefly took first place on the Steam bestseller list, but at the same time it was literally crushed by criticism from players.

CI Games share price plummeted due to negative player ratings

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One of the most important premieres of this year in Polish gamedev disappointed players and investors. The former have been able to play and evaluate the production of the HexWorks studio, published by the Polish CI Games, for almost two hours. The latter have been counting losses in recent days.

As of 17:00 peak players on Steam were 42.27 thousand. (data from Steamdb), surpassing, among others, released in September this year. loud production Lies of P. Additionally, two hours after the premiere, Lords of the Fallen occupies the first place in the bestsellers of the world’s largest game store. The proverbial “spoon of tar in a barrel of honey” are player ratings on Steam, which leave no stone unturned on the largest game published by CI Games. An hour after the premiere, the title received only 43% out of 67 reviews. positives. The next hour brought a larger portion of data that literally crushed the game. The average positive rate from 426 ratings dropped to 28%.

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The game also did not win the hearts of industry experts who scored the title, among others: for major technical problems. On Metacritic (which aggregates reviews, among others, for video games), the average rating for Lords of the Fallen in the PS5 version is 73/100 (25 reviews). The PC version fares slightly better, with the average of 48 reviews being 76/100. The low ratings revealed on Thursday turned out to be a flashpoint and led to a strong decline in CI Games shares. As a result, in two days the studio’s capitalization dropped by over 25%, i.e. by nearly a quarter of a billion zlotys.

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CI Games SE is a producer and distributor of computer games, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007 (initially as City Interactive); is included in the mWIG40 index. On Friday, the company’s share price fell by 17.1%. up to PLN 3.73.

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