Comparing the PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Slim: Uncovering Key Differences, Pricing, and Beyond

With Sony’s PS5 Digital Edition having been around for some time, the brand has been making efforts to enhance its already impressive performance. In 2023, gamers can expect a sleeker profile and a significant upgrade to the popular gaming console. Pegged simply as the PlayStation 5, the internet has given it a new moniker, the PS5 Slim.

Sony went against expectations by introducing a new PS5 Slim that isn’t just a refined version of the current model. Instead, they altered the specifications and didn’t hold back on the price either. While the design is one difference, that’s not the only distinguishing aspect of the PS5 Slim.

To assist you in deciding if upgrading your system is worth it, this piece will compare the Sony PS5 Digital Edition and Sony PS5 Slim.

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PS5 Digital Edition vs PS5 Slim: Main differences

Design changes


The PS5 Slim is 30% smaller than the PS5 Digital Edition, making it a more petite option. The main console body also sports less plastic, as per the manufacturer. The former boasts a sleeker design with less girth, measuring 32mm thinner, 12mm shorter, and 44mm shallower.

The difference in weight of the PS5 Slim is a direct result of the adjustments made to its design. Compared to its predecessor, the original Digital Edition, which weighed approximately 8.59 lbs, the new model is significantly lighter, coming in at only 5.73 lbs.

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Storage capacity


For the PS5 Digital Edition, the storage was just 825GB. However, this sparked discontent due to its inability to hold contemporary games. Sony, taking heed of the feedback, has taken a step up with the PS5 Slim Digital Edition and boosted the storage capacity to 1TB.

To play around with, you receive an added 175GB. Some gamers may still aim to expand the storage, as it may not be quite enough. However, upgrading the PS5 Slim with an M.2 SSD is thankfully still feasible.

You can attach a disc drive to PS5 Slim


The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and the new Slim Edition come in only one model, the “Digital Edition,” which forgoes the traditional disc drive. As a result, gamers must exclusively depend on Sony’s online store when procuring titles. This limitation might be especially troublesome for those who frequently acquire second-hand games.

However, the PS5 Slim Digital Edition has a great feature, as it allows for a disc drive to be added on later for $79.99. This means that you can easily improve your console without having to purchase a whole new one.

PS5 Digital Edition vs PS5 Slim: Price and performance

The retail prices for the new PS5 Slim model (Image via Sony)
The retail prices for the new PS5 Slim model (Image via Sony)

Sony announced that the PS5 Slim comes with a higher price tag of $50 than the original PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in the US.

The following are the prices:

  • PS5 Digital Edition: $399.99
  • PS5 Slim: $449.99

The company has also confirmed that the PS5 Digital Edition won’t be sold once stock runs out. This leaves no choice but to purchase the pricier Slim model.

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Both the PS5 Slim Digital Edition and the standard model share identical CPU and GPU capabilities, so those seeking performance upgrades with the Slim version will be disappointed.

Sony announced that the PS5 Slim will utilize AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics and an 8-core Zen 2 chip, which will support advanced features such as ray tracing.

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