Comparison of PlayStation 5 Slim with original PS5: A Closer Look at Their Size Difference

Sony confirmed the rumors and announced that a new model of the PlayStation 5 is real and will debut later this year. The hardware features a new design and different dimensions, but how small is it compared to the original console that hit stores in 2020?

In the official announcement, the Japanese company revealed that the PlayStation 5 Slim is 40% smaller and weighs up to 24% less. Although this data allows us to make a mental comparison between the new version and the first model, it is true that it can be difficult to imagine.

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Luckily, a fan quickly mobilized and made a visual comparison with the help of a 3D mockup to show what the new PS5 Slim looks like next to the original console.

We must remember that, in 2020, many players criticized the design of the original PlayStation 5 and claimed that it took up a lot of space. As seen in the images below, the new model is noticeably smaller in comparison. Plus, it looks like a lighter product.

Comparison of PlayStation 5 Slim with original PS5: A Closer Look at Their Size Difference

PlayStation 5 Slim vs. PlayStation 5PlayStation 5 Slim vs. PlayStation 5

What are the dimensions of the PlayStation 5?

In the statement, Sony revealed the measurements of the new model of its next-generation console. Below, we share the official dimensions:

Height: 96 mm Depth: 216 mm Width: 358 mm

It is also worth remembering that the PlayStation 5 Slim weighs approximately 3.2 kilograms, a big difference compared to the 4.5 kilograms weighed by the first model that debuted 3 years ago. This console review certainly addresses some of fans’ biggest complaints about the design.

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Although the new console is smaller and weighs less, it has the same power as the original model. So gamers don’t have to worry or fear that their favorite games will perform less well. Of course, Sony confirmed that an object from the original PS5 will not be compatible.

But tell us, do you like the new design? Do you think the hardware is still too big? Share your opinions in the comments.

You can find more news related to the PlayStation 5 Slim on this page.

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