Coral Island set to exit Early Access next month

Developer Stairway Games has announced that tropical farming simulator Coral Island will officially leave Early Access next month and launch as a 1.0 title. The game, which originally entered Early Access last October, will be upgraded to a “complete” version on November 14, 2023, and will also debut on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles on the same day.

Talking about what the game will contain at the 1.0 launch, Stairway Games has stated that there will be a story that will revitalize the city, more in-depth interaction with NPCs, the ability to marry, more options for customizing houses, adoption of pets and a host of other new mechanics and features. Be sure to read the full release notes for 1.0 her.

The biggest downside to the game being upgraded to the 1.0 version is that the Early Access edition will not be compatible with it, meaning that all current save files will be unavailable after the 1.0 release.

Coral Island


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