Could GTA 6 Be Closer Than Expected? Australia Ratings Point to Possible Soon Announcement

Rockstar has not yet officially shown GTA VI with a first teaser, but that could change soon: the long-awaited sandbox has already been rated by age in Australia. Does it mean your ad is too close?

Everybody talks about GTA 6which is possibly the most anticipated game of all time. Rarely have we seen such excessive hype, given what will be the new installment and the debut of the Rockstar franchise in the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S generation.

It is not for less. 10 years have passed since the launch of GTA V and its multiplayer mode, GTA Onlineand along the way we have enjoyed Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA Trilogy or the ”remaster” of Red Dead Redemption.

The latest news about GTA 6 was not exactly good. Rockstar suffered a major data theft at the hands of a young hacker, who leaked 90 real videos and images of the title.

But this tragic event has not changed the way of working at Rockstar. The North American studio has been working on its new sandbox for almost ten years, which it will reveal sooner rather than later.

What is clear is that GTA VI will not be released this year…but, with a little luck, maybe we’ll have a spectacular announcement before we eat our nougats.

GTA 6 has already been rated by age

GTA 5 PS5 Xbox Series X|S - 10th anniversary special

There is an unwritten mantra in this video game press. When an unannounced game is rated by age, means that your presentation or launch is not far away. Will GTA VI be fulfilled?

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We don’t know, but we dream with optimism, especially after seeing this news on the website of the Australian age rating agency.

By surprise, GTA 6 has already been rated by age in Australiareceiving the seal MA15+ for its strong violent content, sex, foul language and drugs. Come on, as expected in a Rockstar game (and more from this franchise).

The qualification was carried out in April, but has not come to light until now. Only the year of production (2023), the developer (Rockstar) and the serial code (CLAS-121212).

GTA Online

There are two possibilities. One, that the Australian organization has gone ahead of the rest to give the expected rating to GTA 6. In other words, getting rid of the ”brown”.

And then there is the optimistic vision, which is what we cling to. What if GTA 6 were announced in the remainder of the year? In fact, a leak points to October 26 as indicated date.

It is striking that GTA VI has not received the R18+ sealwhich did accompany the launch of GTA V in 2013, and also other Rockstar titles such as Manhunt 2.


Curiously, A few weeks ago it marked one year since the massive leaks of GTA 6, which means that perhaps the time has come for Rockstar.

Do you think GTA 6 can be announced before the end of 2023? Be that as it may, it seems that its launch will not occur until the end of 2024 or 2025, at the earliest, given what will be one of the most important games of the decade.

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