Dazzling new outfits unveiled in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 alongside the untold tale of the Lizard’s origins

We are now only a week away from the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5, so fans’ wait will end soon and there will be no delays. Many costumes have already been presented, including those from the edition Deluxe digital, but there is even more at stake. So, as part of a small presentation held on the stand Marvel during the first day of the New York Comic-Con 2023, the outfits Brooklyn 2099 et Kumo Suits were introduced. Some explanations were given on site, to be found in the video below, which also shows a concept art for the Japanese-inspired costume.

Dazzling new outfits unveiled in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 alongside the untold tale of the Lizard’s origins Marvel's Spider Man 2 costume 02 13 10 2023

Furthermore, an article from PlayStation Blogwritten by Heidi Kemps and interspersed with statements from Jacinda Chew ofInsomniac Gamesreturns to the creation of Lizardwho will be among the villains coming our way.

What would Spider-Man be without his gallery of formidable supervillains to face? Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 had already set the tone by revealing the two essentials that are Kraven and Venom for fans. But these are not the only known faces that our two heroes, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, will face. Among their adversaries is another equally timeless character: the Lizard. And just like those of the other headliners of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the appearance and gestures of the Lizard have been the subject of titanic work.

“When we work on a Marvel character, we start by cataloging their appearances in the comics,” explains Jacinda Chew, senior art director at Insomniac Games. “Then we work with Marvel to create our own version of it. This may involve adapting it to the gameplay or to our story needs. »

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Marvel's Spider Man 2 Lizard 03 13 10 2023 Marvel's Spider Man 2 Lizard 02 13 10 2023

In this case, players will notice that the Lizard appears in two different forms. “There is a classic Lizard, with his lab coat and pants”, continues Jacinda. “This one is human-sized. He is able to communicate with Peter. But our version of the Lizard pushes all the sliders to the maximum: bigger, stronger, more ferocious and bestial. He no longer wears any clothes and has lost all humanity. It is impossible to communicate with him. That makes all the difference. »

Thanks to the graphics power of the PlayStation 5 console, Spider-Man’s adversaries take on a new dimension: you’ve already seen the terrifying level of detail of Venom’s sharp teeth and slobbering tongue. But what about the Lizard’s reptilian skin?

“We have studied many scaled skins,” answers Jacinda. “What we don’t know about reptiles is that their skin is extremely dry. People who looked at our Lizard often said that it wasn’t shiny enough. » This impression is linked to the idea we have of these creatures: the character therefore has scaly skin, but much wetter than that of real lizards.

« We also added spikes to it. For design reference, I selected real lizards with more prehistoric looks, as some specimens look quite cute and harmless. I wanted models that were spikier, more ophidian and aggressive. We also wanted his eyes to reflect his animality. For example, cats’ pupils dilate at night. We applied this characteristic to his eyes. When they are exposed to light, their pupil contracts. We’ve done a lot of research to recreate this behavior in real time on the PS5. »

The PS5’s powerful components also allow it to simulate realistic muscle movements. “ We reproduced the kinematics of the muscles from observations of the movements of animals or actors that we made run. I find it incredible that we have achieved this level of precision in video game development, but it’s also subtle, because sometimes you only notice the difference if you turn off the muscle simulation. »

The Lizard imagined by Insomniac also has the particularity of molting quite spectacularly. “Here again, we observed nature. Our artists used a program to simulate the movement of skin flying in the wind. »

It’s one thing to create an aesthetically successful character model, but it’s another to animate it in a way that conveys its primitive brutality. Jacinda looks back on the ideas implemented during the animation process. “Lizards move at ground level. It’s not very impressive. In the comics, the Lizard is rather bipedal and upright, like a human. We had to find an in-between. Our Lizard is therefore bipedal, but its back is curved to preserve its reptilian appearance. In movement, it gives an impression of both speed and heaviness. The animation team did an exceptional job of giving him this strength, weight and speed. »

Overall, Jacinda Chew, Marvel and the team are happy with the fan reception to the Lizard and other supervillains. “Many members of the team are familiar with the comics, so we’re preparing these teasers and reveals for eager fans. We know they can’t wait to see the Lizard in his scientist outfit and discover the events that will lead him to mutate. It’s a pleasure for us to offer these few glimpses to players. »

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Marvel's Spider Man 2 Lizard 01 13 10 2023

The release date of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 As a reminder, it is set for October 20 on PS5. You can pre-order it for €69.99 chez Cdiscount or to the Fnac plus €15 free on your account.

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