Dbrand unveils custom PS5 cover and now open for orders

For fans of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”, Sony put optically adapted PS5 covers on sale. While these are now sold out, Dbrand is contributing an alternative that can be ordered in the official shop.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” has been on the market since today and will captivate numerous PS5 owners in the coming days and weeks. Players who want to bring a touch of “Spider-Man” into their own four walls beyond the adventure from Insomniac Games will be addressed with a PS5 in a Spidey look or individual console covers.

The catch: While the Kansolen bundle is still available, for example on Amazon with a current six percent discount, the Spider-Man covers listed exclusively on PlayStation Direct are out of stock.

Arachnoplates available from Dbrand

In addition to the official models from Sony, there is another option to decorate the PS5 in the striking black and red tone. Because Dbrand is also contributing its own PS5 side panels to the launch of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”.

Since there have been legal disputes between Dbrand and Sony in the past and certain trademarks are protected, the side panels are neither referred to as covers by the accessory manufacturer nor are they directly associated with “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”. Instead, they are called Arachnoplates.

At the same time, Dbrand expresses himself quite cynically in the product catalog: “The [POPULAR VIDEO GAME CONSOLE]-Manufacturer [MEGACORP] has failed to maintain an adequate supply of [LICENSED VIDEO GAME]-Produce side parts.” The manufacturer seems to see this as an opportunity.

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The fact that the PS5 side panels from Dbrand are aimed at fans of “Spider-Man” is made quite clear by the pretty appealing look in the pictures. Be ordered can get the covers for $64.98. For $14.95 each you can choose between a skin cover for the middle section and red light strips on top.

Spidey-themed PS5 bundle still available

Players who want to stick with the original are currently limited to the complete PS5 bundle with a copy of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” via code. It’s currently doing well on Amazon Book 619.99 euros* and can still be ordered.

PS5 im Spider-Man-Look

The PS5 in the limited edition can be pre-ordered.

A game was also released to coincide with the launch of the new blockbuster from Insomniac Games color-matched DualSense controller* But here too, availability looks pretty bleak and it has since ended up on eBay and the like – with the usual exorbitant prices.

Further news about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” launched today exclusively for the PS5. With a Metascore of 91 The title was able to delight the specialist press. Also in Test from PLAY3.DE The adventure of the hero duo was convincing.

More news about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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