Discover the Exciting Expansion in ‘Tales of Arise’: ‘Beyond the Dawn’ DLC Sub-quests Unveiled, Revealing the Post-Main Story Journey of Party Members!

Bandai Namco Entertainment plans to release it today (October 18, 2023) and November 9th.“Tales of Arise”(PS5 / Xbox Series X|S / PS4 / Xbox One / PC) Large DLC「Beyond the Dawn」New information has been released.

Discover the Exciting Expansion in ‘Tales of Arise’: ‘Beyond the Dawn’ DLC Sub-quests Unveiled, Revealing the Post-Main Story Journey of Party Members!

What was revealed this time is information such as side quests that will appear in DLC. Information such as the current state of the party members after the ending, sub-quests focusing on each member, and quests to restore the land of Dana has been revealed.

PV2 “Subquest introduction trailer” released!

A new large-scale DLC “Tales of ARISE – Beyond the Dawn” that depicts the story after the ending of “Tales of ARISE”
We have released PV2 “Subquest Introduction Trailer” which also introduces the large dungeon newly added in “Beyond the Dawn”. In the second report, we will update detailed information such as the current side quests of the characters appearing in “Beyond the Dawn”.

“Now” of party characters

― Alphen ―

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The young former slave who freed the Dana people from Lena’s control with a flaming sword became known as the “Flaming Sword.”
However, his name, which means both hero and destroyer, gradually became a burden, forcing Alfen to choose not to stay in the city and continue his life on the road with Shion.
When he meets Nazamil, a girl who is responsible for the conflict between Dana and Lena, he is forced to return to his original position.

― Shion ―

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Freed from the curse as a result of the battle a year ago, Shion is experiencing the joy of interacting with people every day, even though she is not used to it.
She had no choice but to keep her distance from everyone equally, and because of that, she became a person who could be interacted with regardless of race.
Shion wishes to be able to support Alfen, who saved her, in the same way, but she also feels frustrated because he tends to keep things to himself.

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― Linwell ―

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A descendant of a magician who can use celestial magic despite being a Dana person. As a result of his positive acceptance of his origins, he has become even more diligent in honing his skills.
He is absorbed in researching Dana’s history and culture, and spends his days grappling with mountains of literature in Viskind, much to Fururu’s dismay.
She is a great friend of Shion, and regrets that she doesn’t have many opportunities to get together with her friends.

― Row ―

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A young Dana warrior. Although he is aware that he is still not as good as his late father and Alfen, he is a hot-blooded man who sympathizes with the pain of others, encouraging his friends with his naivety. He usually fights against Zugul as a member of the Crimson Raven, and occasionally stops by Viskind while doing his work.
When asked why, he stubbornly insists that there is no deep meaning, but come on.

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― Kisara ―

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Former Menancia royal guard. He supports his former master, Tuoharim, as an equal, and understands him better than anyone else.
He serves as an instructor in the newly formed Viskind militia in the new era. He has earned the respect of not only the Dana people of Menancia but also the Lena people because of his versatility in handling everything from battles to housework, and above all because of his sincere approach to the idea of ​​coexistence.

― Thuohalim ―

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A former feudal commander and the last Lena person to hold that authority.
Now that he has overcome his past, he has placed himself in Peregion to protect his compatriots who have lost their homeland and guide them to coexist with the Dana people.
He is still a respected figure in Menancia, where he once ruled, a trusted senior advisor to his friends, and an impeccable man who excels in literature and martial arts, but he remains an aloof dilettante.
Mysterious Girl Nazamil

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― Nazamil ―

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A girl with unique blood and power, born to a father who was a Lena commander and a mother who was a slave to Dana. She was raised by Renegis, but as a result of being looked down upon from an early age, she closed her heart and began to pretend to be indifferent and emotionless towards everything. She has a deep sense of inferiority due to her own uniqueness, and has already given up on being accepted by anyone. She is chased out of the town she stopped in and wanders alone, where she encounters Alfen and the others.

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Also includes many quests that focus on party characters!

Contains side quests depicting the drama of each party character, as well as Alfen and Shion!
Contains many detailed dramas of party characters and quests aimed at restoring Dana’s world!

You can enjoy a variety of episodes, from the moving to the comical, as you travel around Dana after the union, meet people, and sometimes even fight strong enemies.

Enhance boost attacks by clearing character quests

In some quests, you can not only enjoy the drama of the characters, but by clearing the quest, you can obtain special items and strengthen each “boost attack”.

“Reconstruction Quest” to help prosper the decadent land of Dana

Let’s welcome the dawn again in the decadent town in the main story of “Arise”

By clearing the target quests, Alfen and his friends can revive the city of Dana, which was degraded due to previous invasions.
Not only do the cityscapes of each region change, but the content of conversations with the people living there also changes, so you can enjoy the fun of revisiting Dana’s world all over again.

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Vast new dungeon

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A new dungeon to challenge in the story of “Beyond the Dawn”

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With the union of Lena and Dana, a “outer mausoleum” appeared in Dana’s land.
Alfen and his friends are once again touring the land of Dana in order to seal off this mausoleum.

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