Does the PS5 controller currently have a built-in headphone compartment?

Eyes widen when the internet comes across news related to the PlayStation 5 have to do. Sony’s flagship console is gradually receiving new updates – and often in the form of new hardware.

So we are currently expecting the portable PS5, the so-called PlayStation Portal – a handy gateway to the digital world.

This means we can get the full PS5 experience in portable form, although there are a few limitations to consider. You can find out more about this here in our Preorder-Guide zur PlayStation Portal.

And on top of that, the… “PS5 Slim” announced: a PS5 model that completely replaces the old PS5. It never gets boring in the PlayStation product cosmos.

New PS5 controller on the way?

But what is this again? A whole new controller for the PS5? A new patent entry recently appeared online that refers to a new, bigger feature builds.

Next to the Touchpad, Gyroskopthe adaptive triggers or that haptic feedback there will probably be one soon Headphone slot.

© Sony

Yes, you heard correctly. If Sony puts the registered patent into action, the upgrade version of the PS5 controller will have the ability to Storing and charging PS5 headphones.

That would have the advantage that we… Earbuds not in addition to one charger need to connect. We could then plug it into the controller and plug it into a charger. A win-win situation?

The patent was issued on 12. October 2023 and contains several diagrams of what the next generation of the DualSense controller should look like.

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Wouldn’t integrated headphones be practical? © Sony/

The Compartment for the headphones According to the patent, it is located on the Back of the controller, but there are still no fixed restrictions here. So it could also appear in other places on the PS5 controller.

“The controller serves as both an input device and a storage, charging and connection case for headphones.”

According to the patent, this storage compartment should contribute to a better Energy management to obtain. Furthermore, it should Fear of loss of the small earbuds can be reduced as they would be safely stored in the controller.

DualSense with earbuds would be ideal for remote play. © Sony/

You can then use the controller like that Charging station for your in-ear headphones imagine (just bigger and installed within the controller). Would that be something for you? Or do you find that somehow unnecessary? Feel free to write it in the comments and discuss with us!

Remember that this is just one thing Patent acts. Whether Sony will make the tech a reality remains to be seen. But it is very likely.