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Discover “Derby Raceway”, the new single from Dope Lemon, present on Kimosabè, his new studio album.

Dope Lemon unveils “Derby Raceway”, an indie rock track in which Angus Stone digests his Weezer influences to give a catchy, unique result with a touch of roughness. Check out his lyric video via the player below:

“Derby Raceway” is from Kimosabenew album from Dope Lemon, released on September 29. A personal record for Angus Stone. “This album represents everything that is me” he declares. In June, the group also revealed the music video for “ Kimosabe“, inspired by the American comedy Brothers in spite of themselves.

He also explains its presence on the cover: “In the past, the artwork was sort of anonymous because I was trying to explore these styles, and having this shield in front of me was beautiful – I could kind of slip into the shadows without the public does not pass judgment on the person who was hiding behind it. For this album, I had moments of clarity reflecting on my childhood, and I was able to see what I wanted to do in the future. »

Kimosabè arrives less than two years after his predecessor, Pink Rose Cadillac, in which we find in particular the title “Stingray Pete”. Interviewed by the editorial staff, he explained the spontaneous approach: “The beauty of making records is the unknown. Have no preconceived ideas of where the night will take you.”

Kimosabe East available

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Here is the tracklist and cover:

  1. Kimosabe
  2. Derby Raceway
  3. Golden God
  4. Miami Baby
  5. Just You and Me
  6. Blue Moon Fox
  7. Broke Down Casino
  8. Slinging Dimes
  9. Give Me That Fire
  10. Lemon Tree

Matthew David