EA Sports FC 2024: All Editions & Pre-Order Bonuses Latest

The Spirit of FIFA lives on with EA’s upcoming EA Sports FC 2024which will include a few new editions and pre-order bonuses. When EA lost the licensing to use the FIFA name for its popular soccer/football game series, the company rebranded the franchise as EA Sports FC. The new sports title continues the FIFA franchise’s realistic graphics and on-point gameplay style, replicating real-life soccer games. EA Sports FC 2024 will be a test for EA to see if the corporation can continue its soccer series without the prestigious FIFA name.

Every EA Sports FC 2024 Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses

EA Sports FC 2024 will launch with two editions – Standard and Ultimate. Each edition will include exclusive pre-order bonuses, with the Ultimate Edition coming with more pre-order content than Standard. Both editions are available on nearly every platform the game launches on. The Nintendo Switch will not have the Ultimate Edition or most pre-order bonuses at launch.

EA Sports FC 2024 Standard Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses

EA Sports FC 2024: All Editions & Pre-Order Bonuses
Image Source: Electronic Arts (EA)

Standard Edition comes with the base game and will cost $69.99 at launch. Pre-ordering the game will reward you with the following content:

  • Dual Entitlement
  • Ultimate Team™ Cover Star Loan Player Item for 10 Ultimate Team matches
  • Two Ambassador Loan Player Pick Items for 5 Ultimate Team matches
  • One Clubs Unlocked PlayStyles Slot
  • Additional Play Career Personality Points
  • One Manager Career 5-Star Coach available for hire
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EA Sports FC 2024 Ultimate Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses

EA Sports FC 2024 Ultimate Edition
Image Source: Electronic Arts (EA)

The Ultimate Edition includes more exclusive content and will cost you $99.99. The EA Sports FC 2024 Ultimate Edition launches with all the same pre-order bonuses as the Standard edition. The edition comes with other exclusive items, including:

  • Up to 7 Days Early Access
  • 4600 FC Points
  • Access to Nike Ultimate Team™ Campaign
  • TOTW 1 Ultimate Team™ Player Item
  • Nike Ultimate Team™ Loan Player Item for 24 Ultimate Team matches & Nike x EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Kit

If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition before August 22you will receive an untradeable UCL/UWCL Hero in the Ultimate team. The item will be delivered to players on November 27.

Subscribers to the EA Play Pro on the EA Play app will have access to everything incorporated in the Ultimate Edition, including the pre-order bonuses and the UCL/UWCL Hero. The EA Play app can work on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. The monthly price for EA Play Pro is $14.99, or you can pay $99.99 for the whole year.


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EA Sports FC 2024 will launch on September 29 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.