Elon Musk’s Video Game Play Streamed on X Platform

Elon Musk’s mission of transforming X, formerly Twitter, into an “everything app” takes and completes another step successfully. The centibillionaire and former X CEO himself showed up with a video game stream over the social media platform.

On Friday, October 6, 2023, Musk himself came live over the video stream on X as he was playing the online video game Diablo 4. The stream lasted for about 50 minutes and along with playing the game and testing the feature, X owner also talked to his viewers and shared his future plans for the app.

As proceedings commenced, Musk outlined the company’s objectives, emphasizing that their goal is to ensure that the audio sounds normal, the video appears reasonably good without flickering, and the comments feature functions as intended. These criteria highlight the importance of delivering a seamless and high-quality user experience during the event or presentation.

Elon Musk expressed satisfaction with the early development stages of a feature, noting that the stream’s quality remained consistent. He seemed pleased with the progress made by the developers, commenting, “It’s cool that it works at all.”

Elon Musk Sheds Light on Future Plans With X

In the latter part of the stream, Musk took questions from his viewers and offered additional insights into the goals and objectives of Project X.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO asserted that Xbox and PS5 streaming will be added to the platform. He added that X is not after doing “everything better than every other app” but it will set itself in such a way that anything can be created over the platform.

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Putting a more realistic approach forward, Musk said that “specialist apps” will still have an upper hand and will function better than X. Yet, his social media platform has the potential to become the “best generalist app.”

The tech billionaire also shared that being a generalist app, X can have more discoverability and reach a huge portion of the population across the world.

Though Musk mentioned the features to add on X ahead, there was no mention of adding a cryptocurrency payment system over the platform. He proclaimed to make the popular microblogging social media platform turn into an “everything app” and adding a payment solution is also said to be part of his plan.

Musk Spent $44 Billion to Bag Twitter

One of the richest men on earth, Elon Musk, went on to spend a whopping $44 Billion and purchased the world-famous microblogging social media platform Twitter in April 2023.

Soon after the acquisition, the company started witnessing huge changes. From changing the CEO to laying off a huge staff across the world, rebranding to “X” to bidding “adieu to Larry the bird”, and many other changes have been noted till now. The addition of the video game streaming feature came in the wake of his efforts to revamp the social media app.

Elon Musk’s Video Game Play Streamed on X Platform
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