Enhancing Martyrs Trust Fund through Monetary Donation

Enhancing Martyrs Trust Fund through Monetary Donation

Nationals residing in several countries contributed 108 thousand 665 Canadian Dollars, 31 thousand 270 US Dollars, and 8 thousand Swedish Kroner towards augmenting the Martyrs Trust Fund and in support families of martyrs.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Abede Tekle and Mr. Alem Misgina nationals residing in Langley, Canada, contributed 12 thousand 960 Canadian Dollars, Eritrean-Canadian community in Kitchener and Waterloo 5 thousand Canadian Dollars, Mr. Bahbelom Fesehaye a national residing in Richmond 3 thousand 600 Canadian Dollars and nationals in Windsor contributed 3 thousand 500 Canadian Dollars.

Likewise, Mr. Dawit Kifle, a national residing in Calgary contributed 3 thousand 240 Canadian Dollars, nationals in Lethbridge 1 thousand 400 Canadian Dollars, ‘Selam’ women’s association in Saskatoon 480 Canadian Dollars, 34 nationals from various cities in Canada 26 thousand 345 Canadian Dollars and 32 nationals contributed 13 thousand 870 US Dollars in support of families of martyrs.

Similarly, 2 nationals in Sweden contributed 1 thousand 440 US Dollars, the family of Abraham Fasil and Ms. Abeba Gidey 1 thousand 440 US Dollars, Eritrean community in Nuremberg, Sweden, contributed 8 thousand Kroner.

In the same vein, nationals in Calgary contributed 15 thousand 740, nationals in Edmonton 12 thousand 470, nationals in Toronto 9 thousand 683, nationals in Hamilton 7 thousand 440, and nationals in Saskatoon 7 thousand 430 Canadian Dollars and 100 US Dollars towards augmenting the National Trust Fund.

Nationals in the Gulf also contributed 5 thousand 440 Canadian Dollars and 100 US Dollars, nationals in Brooks 2 thousand 570 Canadian Dollars, nationals in Vancouver 2 thousand 477 Canadian Dollars, nationals in Regina 1 thousand 425 Canadian Dollars and 300 US Dollars, and nationals in Montreal contributed 1 thousand 440 Canadian Dollars towards boosting the National Trust Fund.

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