Experience the Debut of Side-Scrolling Strategy Sim Spin-Off ‘Kingdom Eighties’ in Consumer and Smartphone Versions Today! Enjoy Special Launch Offers on PC and Stores Near You!

Raw Fury is a spin-off work of the company’s “Kingdom” series today (October 17, 2023).「Kingdom Eighties」Released PS5 / Xbox Series X|S / Switch / iOS / Android version. The PC (Steam) version released on June 26th will also be available soon.Japanese language support updateis scheduled to be held.

Kingdom Eighties is a side-scrolling action strategy game set in America in the 1980s.The player volunteered at a summer camp.“leader”He will have to work together with his friends to repel mysterious creatures from another world.

Experience the Debut of Side-Scrolling Strategy Sim Spin-Off ‘Kingdom Eighties’ in Consumer and Smartphone Versions Today! Enjoy Special Launch Offers on PC and Stores Near You!
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The friends you fight with have unique skills, and you can enjoy battles that take advantage of their individual characteristics. 4Gamer has a play report for the PC version, so please refer to that as well.

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[Play Report]

Action Strategy at the Kakehashi Games booth at “BitSummit Let’s Go!!”「Kingdom Eighties」is on display. The new installment of the “Kingdom” series is set in America in the 1980s. Please pay attention to the more beautifully rendered pixel art scenes and the Japanese localization by Kakehashi Games.

[2023/07/15 14:13]

To coincide with the release on new platforms, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, and Steam willSale going onis. Sale periods and discount rates vary by store, so if you are considering purchasing, please check the release statement below for details.

riding a bicycle,
Let’s protect the city from Greed’s attack!
A spin-off title set in the 1980s
『Kingdom Eighties』
Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®5 / Xbox Series X|S / iOS / Android version release announcement

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Today, Raw Fury is releasing “Kingdom Eighties,” a story-driven tower defense game set in the 1980s, on Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®5 / Xbox Series X|S / iOS / Android. Additionally, the PC (Steam) version released on June 26, 2023 will also be updated with Japanese language support soon.

We are also holding a limited time sale on multiple platforms!

platform Sale price due date
Nintendo eShop 1,120 yen
(tax included)
October 23, 2023
PS Store 1,144 yen
(tax included)

*For PS Plus members only
October 22, 2023
Steam 1,050 yen
(tax included)
October 31, 2023

A spin-off title of the popular micro-strategy game “Kingdom” series is now available! Let’s gather the power of the children to defeat the repeated attacks of the familiar monster “Greed” and discover the secret story surrounding the “Crown of Creation”!

■What is “Kingdom Eighties”?
A spin-off title of the award-winning “Kingdom” series. A story-oriented tower defense game set in the 1980s.

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This single-player adventure game features base building and strategic elements, as well as a beautiful 80’s synth-inspired soundtrack and great artistic flair.

— Something eerie has been released from the shadows.

As a “leader”, you gather your friends and neighborhood children to fight against the evil being. Build a base to protect the city from the attack of the mysterious Greed, who is trying to steal the heirloom “Crown of Creation.” No one knows the evil purpose of Greedo and his friends.

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■Game features
●Convocation and deployment of vigilante groups
Gather three unique companions, each with special skills, and collect coins while hiring kids to build defenses…run a lemonade stand, a pizza shop (and more) ! You’ll be managing your recruits, acquiring new tools, and most importantly, equipping your allies for the threats that come at night.

A fascinating story about a dangerous entity lurking in the shadows
A power that had been dormant for centuries was somehow unleashed in the 1980s. Kingdom Eighties tells a small story about a small town called Monarch, which is under threat from an unknown monster.

As a “leader”, you must fulfill your mission to protect this city and restore normalcy. Rebuild your summer camp against the attack of the sticky evil Greed. Where did Greed and the others come from, and where did all the adults go? Find out what happened to everyone else while battling Greedo.

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●Pixel art, neon lights, synth
Kingdom’s signature hand-drawn art style is back with neon touches directly inspired by the unique art of the ’80s. Andreas Hald’s chill, atmospheric synth music transports you back to those wonderful days when you could ride your bike, go to summer camp, and think you could do anything.

●Survival original tape
In true arcade style, Kingdom Eighties features a new game mode: Survival Original Tape! In four episodes such as “Back to the Suburb” and “Greed: The Slime of Rage,” use your best tactics and strategies to fight off Greed’s increasingly violent attacks. Certain buildings and special skills will be disabled, and random vehicles will appear, so you’ll need to make decisions on the fly. This game mode will put your leadership skills to the test!

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■Details of “Kingdom Eighties”

Nintendo eShop:https://store-jp.nintendo.com/list/software/70010000071315.html
PS Store:https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/concept/10007265
Microsoft Store:https://www.xbox.com/ja-jp/games/store/kingdom-eighties/9pjrknnfdn08
App Store:https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/kingdom-eighties/id1616652599
Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rawfury.kingdom80s

Kingdom Eighties
title Kingdom Eighties
development Fury Studios
sale Raw Fury
Genre Strategy/Simulation/Adventure
Number of players 1 person
platform Nintendo Switch™ / Xbox / PC(Steam)
price Nintendo eShop 1,400 yen (tax included) *20% off until October 23rd at 1,120 yen
PS Store 1,430 yen (tax included) *For PS Plus members only, 20% off until October 22nd, 1,144 yen
Microsoft Store 1,400 yen (tax included)
App Store 700 yen (tax included)
Google Play 720 yen (tax included)
Steam 1,400 yen (tax included) *25% off until October 31st, 1,050 yen
Copywriter c Copyright 2023 Fury Studios AB. Published by Raw Fury AB. All Rights Reserved.
latest trailer https://youtu.be/cgklrurYy_s

●[Developer]About Fury Studios
Fury Studios is based in Zagreb, Croatia and was founded in 2019 by Raw Fury. Currently, approximately 20 staff members are responsible for the development of the “Kingdom” series and “West of Dead.” In addition, Fury Studios provides 2D and 3D asset production and animation, technical support, multi-platform porting, code optimization, and quality control for Raw Fury’s various partners and titles. .

●[Publisher]About Raw Fury
Raw Fury is a publisher based in Stockholm. We aim to publish with an emphasis on experience and emotion, rather than genre or game mechanics. We are also committed to supporting the next generation of developers, and have support systems in place for porting, code optimization, testing, and more. Representative titles include the “Kingdom” series, “Sable,” “Dome Keeper,” and “Cassette Beasts.”
Official site:https://rawfury.com/

●[Japanese version of this game counter]About Kakehashi Games
Kakehashi Games is a professional group that supports the localization and release of foreign indie games for the Japanese market, with the aim of becoming a “bridge between Japan and overseas.” Since its establishment in 2013, the games it has released to the Japanese market include Enter the Gungeon, OvercookedR series, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Eastward, Inscryption, Sifu, and Cult of We have supported over 300 titles, including “The Lamb”. In July 2023, we announced the start of our publishing business and the handling of two titles, “Sagres” and “SONOKUNI.”
Official site:http://www.kakehashigames.com/
Twitter: @kakehashigames


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