Experience the Exciting Launch of the “Desire for Fresh Blood” Season in “Diablo IV” Today Plus Enjoy a 25% Discount on the Steam Version and All Stores!

Activision Blizzard Japan announced today (October 18, 2023) that the action RPG“Diablo IV”New season for (PC/PS5/Xbox Series X|S/PS4/Xbox One)“Desire for Fresh Blood”started.

Experience the Exciting Launch of the “Desire for Fresh Blood” Season in “Diablo IV” Today Plus Enjoy a 25% Discount on the Steam Version and All Stores!

In Desire for Fresh Blood, you will collaborate with the vampire hunter Eris and fight against the Vampire King in a new questline.“Emperor Gia”In addition to challenging the game, Nightmare Dungeon has been updated and its usability has been improved.

Also, in conjunction with the start of the new season,Steam versionExternal link) was also released today.The regular price is the same as the Battle.net version, and is available until October 25th to commemorate the release.25% off saleis being implemented. A 25% off sale is also being held at Battle.net, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store.
For details, please check the release statement below and the official website.

“Diablo IV”
“Desire no Senketsu” season starts today, October 18th (Wednesday)!
You can also play on the Steam version at the same time.

Thumbnail image of image collection No.001 / The new season of “Diablo IV” “Desire for Fresh Blood” starts today. The Steam version has also been released, and a 25% off sale is being held at each store.

We would like to inform you that the “Diablo IV” season “Desire for Fresh Blood” starts today, October 18th (Wednesday), and you can also play it on the Steam version at the same time.

In addition to a new quest line in which you will face a formidable enemy and its ruler, the terrifying Vampire King “Emperor Zia,” the “Desire for Fresh Blood” season will feature updates to the Nightmare Dungeon and an accelerated pace of leveling up to level 100. , various usability updates including horse adjustments, new endgame bosses, improved balance between classes, and more. Join forces with vampire hunter Ellis, voiced by actress and film producer Gemma Chan, to gather blood-sucking powers and battle new bloodthirsty threats roaming the Sanctuary.

You can now play on the Steam version!

With the Steam version released today, you can enjoy Sanctuary with a variety of Steam features, including Steam Achievements, Friends List, and the option to invite friends while you play. You can also play Diablo IV on Steam Deck, so you can enjoy Diablo IV on the go! If you want to play on Steam, you will need to purchase the game on Steam and then connect Diablo IV to your Battle.net account like you would on other platforms. Steam product pageherePlease check below.

Additionally, Diablo IV will be on sale at 25% off on Battle.net from October 18th to November 2nd (Japan time). If you want to step into the Sanctuary and start slaying demons, now is the perfect time!

For more information on the convenience update that was implemented at the same time as the start of the “Desire of Fresh Blood” season, please visitherePlease see the patch notes.

For more information on the season “Desire no Senketsu”hereFor details on “Diablo IV”, please refer to the official website.websiteYou can view it here.

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