Experience the Intense Thrills of Formula 1 with These Three Incredible Games

With the furor that today awakens Formula 1 for your next visit to the country with the Mexico City Grand Prix next Sunday, October 29 at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, there is no better way to warm up your engines than to enter the world of this great circus and compete in intense races through of the screen with three great titles who share the excitement of F1 with us.

Q1: 23

Leading the list is what is possibly the game more ambitious To date in Formula 1, in this title you will put yourself in the seat of your favorite teams, experiencing the intensity of the track with a graphics engine that improves the physics of the environment and faithfully represents each character.

F1:23 is developed by EA Sportswho assure that in this title the way racing feels is portrayed better than ever, showing on the screen the sensation of engine thrust, starts, inertia and tire grip, providing more excitement to the player through its controls or driving sets.

Likewise, this delivery has updates, for those players who have steering wheel and pedal sets and who offer a greater driving experienceis these single-seaters.

You can purchase the game on your favorite platform, as it is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as having compatibility with PC.

Forza motorsport

Pioneer of racing circuit video games, Forza, makes its return presenting the title Forza Motorsportwhich seeks to make a total reboot of the circuits, providing greater distinction and experience to these racing simulators, being available for Xbox and PC.

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Since its first installment in 2005, Forza has stood out for innovating and seeking to make exceptional changes in each of its titles, achieving with Motorsport a huge leap in the realism, immersion y precision of driving.

Fans of this game saga maintain that what stands out in the title is the handling and behavior behind the wheel, as well as including fun game modes such as Career Mode and Competitive Multiplayer to share the track with your friends or other players in the world.

Forza Motorsport is one of the most ambitious titles within the universe of Formula 1, providing an intense and robust experience, close to what is experienced within the huge circuits of the great prizes.

F1 Manager 23

If your thing is to go more strategic than action, this title will interest you, F1 Manager 23 It is more focused on managing an official team in Formula 1, it is like managing an Excel database, but less chaotic, this title is available on Xbox Game Pass.

With this title you will be able to put yourself in the shoes of great leaders like Flavio Briatore, supporting the strategic management of Aston Martin, becoming the best manager of the season and make history within the digital universe of F1.

The game is available on the market Game Pass and it was just released on October 19.