Explore the expansiveness of Cities Skylines 2: Embark on a journey from quaint villages to bustling metropolises

Summary: Cities Skylines 2 is about to redefine the boundaries of city building games. It offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing players to choose between building massive cities or remaining in more idyllic rural settings. With its impending release, there is both anticipation and a hint of trepidation in the air. Let’s dive in!

  • Cities Skylines 2 offers extensive flexibility in city building, from villages to vast urban jungles.
  • Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order, emphasizes the freedom to determine the narrative and size of your city.
  • The game is launching soon, but there are concerns about initial performance issues.
  • For those waiting, there are alternative city building games to explore.


City building fans, rejoice! Cities Skylines 2 is just around the corner and promises an experience where your imagination is the only limit. What makes it special, however, is the freedom it offers players to choose the type and size of city they want to build.

Flexibility in construction

“Every player has their own idea of ​​an ideal city, and we wanted to give them the tools to make that a reality,” says Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order. With huge maps that are “larger than some countries,” players might assume that the game is focused on building massive metropolises. But here’s the kicker: There’s absolutely no pressure to fill these vast terrains with skyscrapers and highways. If you’re looking for the tranquility of the countryside, then build your perfect village or city. Hallikainen emphasizes that the narrative is in the hands of the players, and they decide the scale and story of their creations. This could lead to players choosing to build quiet, smaller cities instead of the traditional sprawling urban spaces.

Release date and possible launch problems

Mark your calendars! Cities Skylines 2 will be released on PC via Steam & Xbox Game Pass on October 24, 2023. However, there is a short waiting period for console enthusiasts: a release for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S is planned for spring 2024. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. Paradox Interactive, the publisher, has hinted at a potentially rocky start. They have openly admitted that they did not fully meet their game performance targets. However, rather than pushing back the release date, they believe the established plan is the “best path forward” for the game’s future.

Performance concerns

As we approach the launch date, concerns about the game’s performance are emerging, especially following the announcement of its delayed console release and the increase in PC system requirements. The city-building game community has expressed its reservations and expressed concerns about possible bugs and performance issues at launch. While these concerns are valid, it remains to be seen how the game will perform upon release.

Alternative gaming tips

For those who may want to wait and see how Cities Skylines 2 performs upon launch, or are simply looking for a game to pass the time, there is a wealth of city building games to discover and enjoy. From classics to more recent releases, the world of city building is vast and inviting.

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Are you excited about Cities Skylines 2? Do you want to build a village or a city? Share your thoughts and plans with us!

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Explore the expansiveness of Cities Skylines 2: Embark on a journey from quaint villages to bustling metropolises

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