Exploring Spider-Man 2 Graphics Modes: A Comprehensive Guide to the Various Graphics Modes in the Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games is finally out. It’s been a few hours that fans are obsessing over the game. Likewise, the reviews and tips and tricks to go about the game have started floating around. The game has been receiving highly positive reviews. Among the most hailed features of the game are the mesmerizing graphics in the new title.

The first and foremost thing that experts are suggesting to enjoy the best visual experience of Spider-Man 2 is a TV or monitor with a 120 HZ refresh rate. A lot of monitors in recent years, especially since the launch of the PlayStation 5 generation in 2020, a lot of TV screens have been capable of coming with this refresh rate.

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If players don’t have a 120 HZ refresh rate TV or monitor, the standard Fidelity (4K resolution at 30 FPS) and Performance (Dynamic 4K resolution with 60 FPS target) should also do the trick. After a pre-order and pre-load option, the game finally hit the PS5 consoles earlier on October 20, 2023.

Graphics modes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Insomniac Games offers the following graphic modes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:


The fidelity mode targets 30 frames per second offering the highest image quality and resolution. In this mode, players can find all ray-tracing features including ray-traced reflections, ray-tracing on water, and ray-traced window interiors. The Fidelity mode will feature all graphics systems at maximum, including pedestrian density, traffic density, and hair detail.


The performance mode targets 60 frames per second. This mode too includes ray-tracing features that have been simplified for some use cases. However, pedestrian and traffic density settings have been decreased in some areas, while the fine hair detail is simplified.

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If the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is set appropriately in the console settings, it can be used on a compatible display to improve resolution or frame rates depending on the gameplay. Smoothed settings will maintain resolution and deliver a steady frame rate. On the other hand, Uncapped will enable lower resolution to target higher, and more variable frame rates.

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VRR settings can be found in PS5 in Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output > VRR.

120 HZ Display Mode

When set properly in the console settings, players can utilize the 120 HZ refresh rate of a more compatible display in order to reduce input latency. This mode will also allow higher frame rates. The frame rate target of 30 in the Fidelity mode is increased to 40 frames per second in 120 HZ display mode.

Similarly, if VRR is also enabled, the frame rates can further be increased and may vary depending on gameplay. The 120 HZ Display Mode system setting can be enabled in the PS5 at Settings under the Video Output option in the Screen and Video settings. Players must remember that adjusting this setting will apply to all save slots.

The best-recommended graphics mode for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is Fidelity with VRR (Smoothed) and the 120 HZ mode set to Auto. That being said, it is advisable players should use the visual settings and graphics modes that they prefer and are most comfortable with.