Exploring the Classifieds and Group Scenarios: A Guide to Get Informed

Exploring the Classifieds and Group Scenarios: A Guide to Get Informed

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The Euro 2024 Qualifiers are coming to an end. On this FIFA Date, the teams entered the field in matches valid for the seventh and eighth rounds and in November they will play the final two rounds of the qualifying competition for next year’s Euro, which will be played in Germany, which as host, already there is a guaranteed place. Check it out on Lance! the situation of each group, the teams already classified, the fights and those eliminated.


The situation in Group A seems well underway for the two favorites, Scotland and Spain, leader and runner-up, respectively. However, Norway is still alive in the dispute, with 10 points, against 15 for the Scots and 12 for the Spanish. The Norwegians face these two opponents in the final two rounds, at the next FIFA Data. With four points, Georgia is in a complicated situation and would depend on a miracle, while Cyprus, zero, holds the lantern.


With 18 points, France is already guaranteed at Euro 2024, while the second place is being contested by Greece, with 12 points, and the Netherlands, with nine. The Greeks and the Dutch face each other in the next round, in a decisive game for the duo’s aspirations. With three points, Ireland hardly has a chance of qualifying, while Gibraltar, zero, is last.


The fight in Group C is one of the fiercest. Leader with 13 points, England could practically be in the next Euro if they beat Italy in the next round; the Azzurri are in second place with the same 10 points as Ukraine, third place. With seven points, North Macedonia still dreams of winning the spot. “Punching bag” of the group, Malta no longer has any chances via the Qualifiers.

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The situation in this group took a turn in the last round, with Turkey’s victory over Croatia. With 13 points, the Turks lead the group, against 10 points from the Croatians, who are right behind. With seven points each, Armenia and Wales still have breathing space in the fight, while Latvia, with three points, is “out of the bag” in the dispute.


Albania’s surprising campaign, led by coach Sylvinho, ex-Corinthians, puts them “with one foot” in the Eurocup. Leader with 13 points, the Albanian team is ahead of Poland, runner-up with nine points. Next come the Czech Republic and Moldova, both with eight points. In last position, with just one point, is the Faroe Islands team.


Belgium is already qualified for the next Euro. Leader with 16 points, the Belgians are followed by Austria, runner-up with 13 points. In a difficult situation, Sweden has six points and would need a miracle to take the place from the Austrians. Azerbaijan is fourth, with four points, and Estonia holds the position with just one point.


In this group, led by Hungary with 13 points, the situation is well underway for the Hungarians and Serbia, who have 10 points. With seven points, Montenegro still dreams of a place, while Lithuania, with five, and Bulgaria, with two, are in a difficult situation and are practically out of contention.


From here onwards, the groups have six teams each, and three teams can compete for the place through repechage due to their respective classifications in the Nations League. In Group H, Slovenia and Denmark lead with 16 points, followed by Finland and Kazakhstan, both with 12. Northern Ireland has six points and San Marino, zero, is in last place.

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Switzerland leads this group with 14 points, followed by Romania, with 13, and Israel, with 11. In fourth place, Kosovo comes with seven points, ahead of Belarus, with five, and Andorra, bottom with two.


Absolute leader with 21 points and 100% success, Portugal is already qualified for the next Euro Cup. In second place is Slovakia, with 13 points, ahead of Luxembourg, with 11. Right behind, comes Bosnia, with nine points, Iceland with seven and Liechtenstein at the bottom, zero.


The regulations regarding repechage are complex. There are 12 places for teams that meet the criteria for competition, through the Nations League. If the teams that can compete in the repechage qualify for the Euro through the Qualifiers, the place in the repechage goes to the team from the same League (In the Nations, there are three: A, B and C), based on the ranking at the end of the first phase of the tournament. Nations League. In League C, for example, Greece and Turkey are guaranteed a playoff spot. But if the pair qualify via the Qualifiers, the places for the repechage will go to Luxembourg and Azerbaijan. The same goes for Spain, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, Bosnia, Serbia, Scotland, Georgia, Greece, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Some teams no longer have a chance of qualifying through the Qualifiers, but can qualify for the playoffs in the event of a direct vacancy for teams in their Nations Leagues. Selections in this case are Andorra, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta and San Marino.

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