F1 Manager 2023 Version 1.9 Update 1.09 Now Available on October 16

F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.09

F1 Manager 2023 update 1.09 (PS5 version 1.009) is out now, and this is for patch version 1.9. Today’s update comes with game stability, difficulty options, and more. Read on for the official F1 Manager 2023 patch notes for October 16.

F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.09 Patch Notes | F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.009 Patch Notes | F1 Manager 2023 Update 1.9 Patch Notes:


  • Optimised memory usage during cinematics
  • Intel GPUs without active driver development now default to DX11 for improved stability


  • Added ‘Career Difficulty’ options for Race Sim AI and AI Car Development


  • Added penalty investigations
  • Added “Investigation: No penalty given” outcome for incidents not warranting a time penalty


  • Enabled AI to fit new car parts between races, rather than only on race day; resulting in more informative car comparison data
  • Updated recommended strategies for Jeddah
  • Adjusted start times for P2 on Sprint weekends
  • Fixed audio reactions to constructor title win not triggering when won during a Sprint
  • Fixed audio reactions to dominant constructor title win referring to a “close” title win when won during a Sprint
  • Updated Singapore GP lap total from 63 to 62 [NEW SAVES ONLY]
  • Fixed Alonso Sprint win triggering Grand Prix win commentary lines
  • Fixed grid lights staying on after race start
  • Updated medium speed sections on Marina Bay circuit map
  • Updated DRS zones on Hermanos Rodríguez, Red Bull Ring, and Suzuka circuit maps
  • Updated circuit speed on Barcelona circuit map
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  • Fixed main driver name appearing in replays instead of reserve driver when used in Practice
  • Fixed sponsor obligation targets not displaying when progressing to screen using R2 button
  • Fixed Recent History screen in Board Profile showing current drivers for previous seasons
  • Fixed Race Moment briefly, incorrectly displaying as “On Target” in data view
  • Fixed “Go to…” link not working when multiple fanfares are triggered simultaneously
  • Fixed Play/Stop Team Intro button not working when using a controller during new career setup
  • Updated “Last Lap” notification to say “Final Lap”
  • Fixed starting grid positions not displaying on Race Preparation screen
  • Fixed “DRS Disabled” message appearing instead of “DRS Enabled” after loading a mid-session save


  • Fixed rival team principal email stating signed driver is “with us for now” on Jan 1st, after driver is signed on Dec 31st
  • Fixed rival team principal stating “It could be going better” in F1 Monthly update, when in first place
  • Fixed repetition of “chassis” in email when rushed car part design project is delayed
  • Stopped “Skip sponsorship obligation” email dilemma being sent after final race


  • Improved lighting in garage scenes during night races
  • Fixed mechanic clipping through chair in garage
  • Adjusted cameras used for Bahrain intro cinematic
  • Fixed bottle clipping and shaking in Monaco podium scenes
  • Fixed camera view being obscured by set on post-race reaction cinematic

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