Fake GTA 6 leak surfaces online, turns out to be something else Latest

While the entire gaming industry is eagerly waiting for Rockstar Games to release more official information on Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6, some X profiles seem to be deliberately spreading fake news to mislead fans. Recently, a user named @JokerFromGTAVI shared a screenshot resembling Rockstar Games’ Vice City and claimed that it was a leak from the upcoming game.

A few other accounts also joined them and tried to portray the fake image as official content. However, the Grand Theft Auto community reacted quickly and called them out.

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X users share fake GTA 6 screenshots claiming it to be from the original game

On February 12, 2024, user @JokerFromGTAVI shared the above image, claiming that it was a new leak from Grand Theft Auto 6. Another user named @4gntt also shared the same image later, repeating the claim.

The screenshot showed a building resembling the Ocean View Hotel from Rockstar Games’s Vice City. It had a few cars parked in the front and palm trees in the background. There also appeared to be an intersection near the building. However, the original Ocean View Hotel from the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer has a straight road in front of it.

Additionally, the name of the hotel appeared to be written vertically in the fake screenshot. But, in both the 3D and HD Universes of the series, it is written horizontally.

Fans quickly noticed the anomalies in the fake Grand Theft Auto 6 leak and added a Community Note under the original post. The note explained that it was an architectural concept image from 2019 available on the website ronenbekerman.com.

Many also criticized the X user for sharing fake information:

Readers should note that Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the hottest topics on the internet right now, and many people are trying to use it to gain followers and clout. There were many instances in the past (before the release of the first trailer) where some people shared fake information about the game and got away with it.

Although Rockstar Games did not respond to any of those claims, they were debunked after the official trailer was released. Therefore, fans are advised to remain vigilant until the studio releases GTA 6 trailer 2 or other official news.

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