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The price of GTA VI is a hot topic among Grand Theft Auto fans, who are worried that Rockstar Games might charge more than the usual rate for AAA games.

GTA 6 fan made poster(Rockstar Games)

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) is one of the most awaited video game releases ever, and also one of the most costly media products ever made, according to some reports.

The game is expected to have a huge open world, as some recent leaks suggest.

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However, this also raises the question of how much the game will sell for when it launches, and whether Rockstar will increase the price to make up for the production costs.

A Redditor named CLGFilms asked other fans how much they think the game will cost, and got mixed responses.

“$70 like any AAA game nowadays”

“£69.99 (Based on the price of Spiderman 2 PS5) – pretty much whatever triple-A games cost in the current market in your country.”

“£70 standard, £80 special, £90/100 deluxe”

But some fans think that the real problem will not be the price of the game itself, but the microtransactions that will come with it. GTA VI will have its own version of GTA Online, which means that there will be a lot of content that can only be accessed by paying real money for in-game currency.

This is not surprising, considering how much money some of the executives of Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, made this year from GTA V microtransactions alone.

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Some fans are also worried that the microtransactions will affect the single-player mode as well, and not in a good way. They fear that Rockstar will not release any story expansions for GTA VI, like they planned to do for GTA V but cancelled to focus on GTA Online instead.

Of course, all of this is speculation, as Rockstar has not yet announced the release date for GTA VI, or given us any official details about the gameplay.

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