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Take-Two hid the “announcement” of GTA VI in its other production? Crazy theory

The “GTA 6 NEWS” Twitter profile published an image from the latest installment of the basketball game, showing a fragment of a banner with an inscription resembling “VI”. Additionally, there are palm trees next to it, which would suggest a direct connection with the “six” (the game is to take place primarily in Vice City, a city styled after Miami, hence the connection with palm trees).

Some fans thought it was a “announcement” of GTA VI that Take-Two, the publishers of both the Grand Theft Auto series and NBA 2K, hidden in their latest production. The problem is that this whole theory is very far-fetched and probably has little to do with reality.

The inscription on the banner clearly does not end with just “VI” and most likely means the word “VIP”, which was immediately noticed by Internet users. The letter “P” may be misleading, as it is actually designed in a slightly specific way and at first glance you may not guess that it is about it.

Either way, the theory that this could be a hidden “announcement” of GTA VI seems to simply be an overinterpretation by fans who are desperate to learn anything about Rockstar Games’ upcoming production.

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Date of creation: September 10, 2023, 2:28 p.m