Far Cry’s Multiplayer Game Set to Offer an Expansive Experience

New rumors have emerged about the Far Cry multiplayer game that is apparently being developed under the name “Project Maverick.” According to these leaks, the game is scheduled to be released in April 2024 and will be a pull game.

Far Cry Multiplayer Game
The upcoming Far Cry multiplayer game will apparently be set in a fictional version of Alaska. | © Ubisoft / EarlyGame

We first heard rumors about a standalone Far Cry multiplayer game in January 2023. At that time, those Leaks suggested that the Far Cry multiplayer game was referred to internally as “Project Maverick” and was set in the Alaskan wilderness.. Now, the same source that started the original rumor, InsiderGaminghas added more details and claims that it will be a sort of pull-out game.

New Far Cry multiplayer game “Project Maverick” is an extraction game

InsiderGaming has just revealed new details about Project Maverick (which will no doubt be called more elegantly at launch, like “Far Cry Survival” or something along those lines). They assure that This Far Cry multiplayer game will be released in April 2024and that it will be a multiplayer extraction game. They were also able to provide the following gameplay details:

  • The fictional setting of Alaska It will be called Alashnica.
  • As a extraction game, survival elements will be absolutely centraland so far the game includes the following:
    • Animals can be killed for leather and create team.
    • Chemicals can be found and used to create gadgets.
    • Plants can be harvested for synthesize medical supplies.
    • Weapon parts are collected and used to create/repair/upgrade weapons.
  • The players will have “Caches”, which can be used to safely store resources.
  • This is not just a PVP experience, and there will be opportunities for players to work cooperatively.
  • Maverick is the name of a high-risk mode within the gamein which permadeath is enabled and players lose everything if they die.
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In other words, Far Cry’s multiplayer game will contain everything you’d expect from a mining game that uses survival mechanics. And if it really launches in April 2024, we expect official confirmation of these details soon.

Far Cry Alaska Game
The new multiplayer game won’t be the first snowy environment we’ll see in Far Cry; The image above is from Far Cry 4’s Valley of the Yetis DLC. | © Ubisoft

Can we trust this information?

We consider InsiderGaming to be trustworthy. Tom Henderson, the leaker and reporter who runs the site, has proven to have legitimate sources on many occasions in the past. Just this year, for example, he predicted the release of the new PSP, the PlayStation Portal and the launch of PS5 slim.

It should be noted that Tom Henderson, and by extension InsiderGaming, have not always been accurate with their leaks. For example, in December 2021, Henderson claimed Rockstar was planning to reveal Bully 2 as a surprise during the Game Awards. That didn’t happenbut still decided to reaffirm the rumor a few weeks later in February 2022, insisting that something was happening with bully. Again, nothing happened. Now it’s almost 2024 and we haven’t even received proof that Bully 2 exists.

But while Tom Henderson and InsiderGaming might not have a perfect record, we still believe that In terms of probability we can trust most of his statements. And therefore, we believe that these claims about Far Cry’s standalone multiplayer game are probably true.

The original article was written by Jon Ramuz.