FIFA abandons limits, borders, football and fans Latest

FIFA’s decision to hold a World Cup in six countries, in 2030, reveals an institution that has abandoned any type of limits or borders. But they also no longer see the fans of their respective teams as actors to be considered.

By expanding the World Cup to 48 teams, a few years ago, the reality is that the big hats made it practically impossible for a single country to be able, from now on, to host the event. In fact, by 2024, there will already be three — USA, Canada and Mexico. In its next edition, six in three different continents: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Morocco, Spain and Portugal.

When the decision to move from 32 teams to 48 teams took place, an internal FIFA study revealed that the quality of the tournament would suffer. Weaker teams would qualify and the games would have a technical performance that was not always attractive. But, on the other hand, the study revealed that the entity could increase its income by US$ 1 billion.

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